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How You Can Benefit From Content Moderation

If you own a business, social media is an excellent way to communicate with your fans and solicit feedback. You can receive honest opinions regarding your product or service -- which is key to giving customers what they need and ultimately improving your brand.

But whenever you use social media platforms to receive feedback from customers, there’s a good chance that some people will abuse this privilege and submit responses that can potentially damage your brand’s image. Fortunately, content moderation is a quick and practical way to remove malicious user-generated content from your pages or sites, thus protecting the reputation of your company.

Reduce Inappropriate Posts

Negative, false comments about a service or product can spread quickly on the Internet. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a positive brand image at all times. If you don’t moderate your social media sites and quickly remove misleading or inappropriate content, customers may form a negative opinion about your company based on what they’ve read or heard.

Inappropriate content can take many forms. And the truth is, some people seek to destroy a company’s image. Although you may strive to offer the best customer service, some people won’t appreciate your efforts, and they’ll use your social media pages to poison the minds of others.

For example, a user may fill your comment section with profanity, threats, pornographic images or repeat negative comments over and over. And if you have a few trolls on your social media pages, these individuals may leave off-topic comments with the sole intent of irritating loyal customers, or they may post spammy content related to business opportunities. If you don’t put an end to these posts, your site can lose credibility. Moderation lets you control what’s posted on your sites.

Improves Customer Service

Not only can content moderation increase credibility, it helps improve customer experience. Although customers can contact your company via telephone, email or a "contact us" form on your website, some may voice their concerns on social media. This may seem risky to your brand, but addressing customer service issues through social media has its advantages. 

When your content and comments are moderated on a regular basis, you can learn about customer service problems as soon as they happen. In an open forum, you can communicate directly with customers to resolve issues or offer advice, and your fast response demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. This builds a customer’s trust; and when your responses are professional and helpful, users feel welcome on your site. 

Protects Your Site from Legal Issues

It’s crucial that your site doesn’t contain copyrighted materials, or else you could be liable for copyright infringement. You may understand copyright rules, but users who post or comment on your site may not understand these guidelines. Copyright means that the original creator of a work has the exclusive rights to this material. Therefore, posting copyrighted materials on your site requires permission from the creator. Content moderation is an effective way to identify and immediately remove content that violates a copyright. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you don’t want a negative comment, inappropriate posts or a copyright violation to diminish your credibility. However, this can happen if you downplay the importance of content moderation. Brand protection is the primary goal, but you have to be proactive and reject damaging user-generated content.

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