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How You Can Learn From Hank Moody's Writing Mistakes

We all love watching the bad boy antics of Mr Hank Moody in Californication. He’s easy on the eye and has a pretty cool lifestyle despite his ability to get into trouble quicker than you can say ‘baby mama’. But fancy becoming a writer on the back of his rock and roll lifestyle? Before you put pen to paper, read on to find out why a writer’s life isn’t quite as easy as Hank makes it look.

Writers write

Hank seems to spend his days frolicking with gorgeous women, cruising in his Porsche and hanging out with his agent Charlie Runkle. Despite his lackadaisical lifestyle, he still manages to produce brilliant novels and everyone is dying to work with him. In real life, writers write! Usually every day! Writing is just like any other job, it’s hard work and you need to put in the time in to produce good quality work.

Location, location, location

Hank might complain about living in California, but the truth is he’s got a pretty amazing playground right on his doorstep. That kind of lifestyle requires a big of financial income which you could only achieve on a very high earning writer’s salary. We’re talking J.K. Rowling or Stephen King success here! By all means dream about living an amazing life as a writer, but be realistic. You’re going to have to sell a helluva lot of books to live in Hank’s pad. But the great thing about being a writer is that you can live anywhere, all you need is a laptop, or even just a pen and paper, to write.

You will not become irresistible to women (or men for that matter)

Unfortunately most writers do not go on to become mini celebrities like Hank. And your writing ability is unlikely to make you irresistible to women or men for that matter! In most cases it’s a pretty anonymous career and let’s face it Hank has his fantastic good looks to fall back on! On the plus side, you'll have more time to concentrate on your writing!

Jack of all trades, writer of none 

In Californication Hank has the ability to go from being the author of novels to writing blogs, screenplays and even songs. Most of us writers can’t shift from one medium to another quite so easily. Each medium is different and requires different skills. It’s not impossible to switch over but it takes time and practice to master each of these creative outlets.

Still interested in becoming a writer? Then go for it, it can be an amazing career. And you never know, if you manage to write a novel as good as ‘God Hates Us All’ maybe you too can spend your days killing time in LA.

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