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How You Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon’s Success

Jimmy Fallon has reached the pinnacle of any late night talk show host’s career. As the head of the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson’s famous talk show, he has experienced a meteoric rise in his career. Starting on Saturday Night Live, it would have seemed that he would go one of two ways in his future; quietly fading into obscurity, or becoming a big shot star like Tina Fey. Instead, he ended up hosting talk shows and quickly captured the show that so many comedians strive to head. How did he do it though? What makes him the guy that went so far, so fast? I can say, I have no idea what goes on in the background, or who Jimmy really is outside of the television personality he portrays, but that is what makes him so successful.

Enthusiasm Goes Farther Than You Think.

Jimmy is gaining a reputation as someone that constantly loves every guest and every piece of work that they have done. I have yet to find him interview someone that he was not overjoyed to see. In every case, he is nothing but positive and as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. He also laughs, a lot. He laughs with guests, he laughs at himself and he laughs because he is having such a damn good time.

Granted, you may not love your job as much as Jimmy loves his. You may not make the same money Jimmy makes. You may not even be where you want to be in your career. You can change that. Use Mr. Fallon as an example. Here is the secret that observant viewers have noticed. If you treat everyone with the utmost enthusiasm (besides Jeff the Animal Guy), they will treat you in the same way. People will respond to the way you treat them.

While Jimmy can be saccharin sweet at times, so much so that it’s easy to guess what he is going to say about every guest, he does so with sincerity. At the same time, Jeff Musial is a constant guest on the show because their back and forth is comedy gold. Find your Jeff and build that relationship. Give each other a hard time, but do it in fun. Outside of that, never let your own personal struggles stop you from being the happiest guy or gal on the block.

The Results Will Surprise You

When you show up at work and greet everyone with the same excitement as a kid on Christmas you will start a plague. Not everyone will catch it, but many will, and they will have the same enthusiasm and excitement when they are around you. This, in a nutshell, makes you a leader. You are showing people that they are important, sincerely, but you are also keeping the negative aspects of the daily grind at bay.

Your supervisors will see this in you. Most will appreciate you bringing a ray of glaring sunlight into the office for the day. Maybe you can only make one or two people in the office feel a little happier on that day, but the happier a person is, the more productive they become.

Most importantly though, have fun in life, at work and at home. Watch how Jimmy and Higgins interact. They laugh together and they support each other. The last episode of Late Night was a touching moment when Higgins, the announcer and side-kick (or co-host in my opinion) showed why the two are so fantastic together. Both shared some tender moments and expressed how proud they were of each other. The two have such chemistry that even the most off the wall bits are side splitting. They work so well together that Higgins can do sound effects and Jimmy reacts on the spot.

When Jeff appears on the show, things go even crazier. My 4 year old watches the show like a hawk (pun intended) every time he shows up. She knows her parents will be laughing, things will be out of control, and an energy will fill the building, and through some kind of magic, our own house. That energy, if bottled, would make you a billionaire. Unfortunately, all you can do is share your little bit, each day, and let others embrace it. Find those that rise to your level of excitement and let the results come as they may.

Image Source: FallonTonight.Tumblr

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