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How You Really Sound in Meetings [Video]

Did you know that roughly 47 percent of workers think that having to attend meetings is the biggest time waster at work? This is understandable as meetings can often get in the way of work. But since your boss thinks they benefit the team you always have to attend them.

Just like in any other office setting, when you are in a meeting you need to be able to retain your professionalism. So no matter how pointless or boring you think the meeting is, you still need to contribute back to the team or at least show that you care. This video from Fast Company can help you become more familiar with business meeting etiquette by demonstrating the kind of things you should never say during a meeting, no matter how bored or tired you may be. Remember the key is to keep it professional and you’ll rock the stage/meeting room.

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Do you find meetings to be a time wasting annoyance? What hilarious, unprofessional things have you done or said in meetings? Do you think you sound like any of the people in the video?

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