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How Your Boss Doesn't Let You Succeed

You are a power-suit wearing, opportunity chasing go-getter and no matter what motivational posters say, success isn’t just up to you. I know, shocking revelation, right? In any case, the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals might be the guy/gal leering over your shoulder as we speak…yes, your micromanaging, nagging, authoritative boss.

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Here’s how your boss doesn’t let you succeed.

1. Fear

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If you find that your boss went from best bro/girlfriend that was proud of your hard work, initiative and passion to Mr./Mrs. Boss Bossington then you might be dealing with a scaredy cat boss. This is especially true if your boss is middle management and the people above him/her are now singing your praises. Because honestly, it’s kind of scary when one of your subordinates are upstaging you to upper management. Although it’s not intentional, your boss might start seeing you as a threat, and even though your intentions might not be to vie for the bosses corner office and swanky leather office furniture, your dedication and high quality of work, might make you a substantial threat.

2. Guilty Through Association

So, that first scenario is definitely an intentional blocking of someone’s success but sometimes bad bosses don’t even do it on purpose. If your boss is unethical or even worse, out and out engaged in illegal activity, just by working for them might tarnish your reputation. I know, as if the world couldn’t be any more unfair but unfortunately that’s how the world turns. The problem is that even though you might have been involved in whatever sketchy business your boss was involved in, nobody knows that but you. Not only can a situation like that hurt your future job prospects, it could force you to even change careers.

3. The Weight of Negative

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I’ve said it before and I’ll definitely say it again, the brain is an a$$hole. The reason I keep saying this it’s because generally negative comments tend to have much more weight than positive ones. That includes criticism; if your boss has the tendency to completely tear you down and destroy you, those negative comments might be falling on ears of people you wouldn’t want to know, like upper management. If management hears that you are lazy for example it will take many, many long hours, compliments on your work ethic and met deadlines to convince them otherwise. Suck it up buttercup, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them like you do.

4. The Cutout

Another strategy a boss might employ to block a subordinate’s success is to cut them out from contacting with upper management; this is especially true if upper management has noticed you and see you in a favorable light. This can be done either consciously or subconsciously but the effect is ultimately the same- it demotivates and frustrates the person it is employed on. This can also take the form of the boss taking important projects for their own or even worse, stealing credit for your hard work. Both scenarios can be devastating to motivation.

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Do you know of any other signs that might indicate your boss doesn’t want you to succeed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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