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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 23, 2014
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How To Identify Job Opportunities

In today’s economy, it’s very important to keep your eyes peeled for job opportunities. Understand? It is ridiculously important. Whether you’re a college student on the verge of getting that coveted degree, or a cubicle rat ready to make your big move, it’s vital for you to stay on the lookout. And the sooner you get on the ball, the more prepared you’ll be to take advantage… But sometimes those opportunities aren’t as clear cut as a run-of-the-mill job board posting. So let’s find out how you can identify them.

I. Open Your Mind 

Now… will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Kidding. But seriously, the first you want to do is a mindset shift. Opportunities are rotating around you like a planet of opportunity, circles around your sun.

Spotted something promising? Make sure to write it down. In fact, you should create a list of these same potential opportunities which you can shorten later on.

II. Look For Opportunities 

So where can you find these? Seek and you shall find.

For starters, you can look internally. No… not within yourself, grasshopper. What I mean is that you should look within the company you’re working for vacancies (upcoming or present), or for any future expansion plans. Furthermore, start using your noggin to brainstorm for any ways you could advance from the current position you’re working in.

Another thing you can do is the old tried and true method of networking. Yup. Start chatting some folks up not only within your company, but also within the same industry. Staying up-to-date on industry news goes a long way toward smoothing out those exchanges.

III. Self-Assessment

It won’t matter much how great the opportunities are if you’re not sure that you’re even a proper fit for them. So take a moment to list your strengths and weaknesses both as an employee and a person.

Ask yourself a few questions to discover your strengths:

1)      What do you excel at more than your coworkers?

2)      What resources are available to you?

3)      Who do you have in your network that can aid you?

As for your weaknesses, ask yourself the following:

1)      Do you avoid tasks because you don’t feel you’re good at them? If so, which ones?

2)      How confident are you in your skills and educational background?

3)      Is there something about you—as a person—that is a detriment to your career?

IV. Trim Down the Options

After you’ve gathered enough information about your strengths, weakness, and available opportunities, it’s time to pick those you’d like to pursue.

It’s counterproductive to just go ahead and tackle all of them. You’ll spread yourself way too thin, which in turn will make your pursuit less effective. So just hone in on a few opportunities with laser-like focus.

Then… consider all the factors of each opportunity:

  • What it will demand from your knowledge, skills, experience, and aptitudes?
  • Will you be satisfied with it?
  • What new paths will it lead to?
  • Are there risks involved?
  • What, if any, are the rewards?

After you’ve assessed all of these factors, narrow down your choices… and then, it’s time to pursue the ones left like a madman.

That’s all there is to it, folks.

Take time gathering information. And once you’ve started the pursuit…

Attack with great resolve. Good Hunting!



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