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How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

When searching for employment it is fundamental that you are well aware of how to improve your career prospects. This will help you to land the job of your dreams in a much quicker and easier manner. Below are some tips on how to improve your career prospects during the job searching process:

Focus on the jobs that match your skill set

Understand your exact skills and only focus on those jobs that you are qualified for. In a competitive workforce, there is no point in building up the number of job applications with irrelevant jobs as your application will only be disregarded. Instead, focus on the jobs that match your education, previous experience and career aspirations. This will result in submitting more qualitative applications.

Write a killer cover letter

The cover letter is your chance to captivate the recruiter. Spending extra time tailoring your cover letter to the job and fine tuning it to appeal directly to the recruiter will help in ensuring that your CV is read. Without a decent cover letter, recruiters and hiring managers will have no idea what your intentions are as a job seeker when applying for a position.


Proofread your cover letter and CV/resume numerous times before submitting your final application. Ask a family member or friend to do the same for you to ensure that you have not missed anything. Spotting any spelling and grammar errors is absolutely vital to your job seeking success. Many recruiters automatically disregard an application as soon as they spot an error, whilst including a typo could result in practical issues (for example, if there is a typo in your contact details, the recruiter will be unable to contact you). 

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