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How to Improve your Chances of Landing a Job after Graduation

The current employment market is extremely competitive as a result of the economic downturn of 2007. One group that has been particularly affected is graduates, largely due to cuts in vacancies. Many businesses have simply stopped hiring new employees, instead downsizing their current workforce in an attempt to reduce costs. Upon graduating from university, many students are consequently struggling to achieve employment success.  

There are a number of techniques that graduates can adopt to improve their chances of landing a job after graduation:

Event participation

Participation in societies, activities and events whilst studying can give graduates hands on experience whilst providing them with crucial connections.

Take action early

University is undoubtedly a time to experience a new and exciting lifestyle however students should not forget their purpose for attending university: to achieve a decent standard of education and ultimately find employment.

During your years at university you should gain a solid understanding of the employment industry (particularly your area of interest). Understand the requirements for your ideal job and aim to achieve them whilst studying.

For example if you wish to become a journalist you will need to show that you have some experience in writing. Join the university’s newspaper and get your work published. Attend conferences and exhibitions and sign up for an internship at a publication to gain hands on experience. Taking action during your university years will reflect positively on you when it comes to seeking employment.

Make the most of the extensive summer period by contacting local employees and asking them how you can participate in summer job programs or internships. 

Contact experts in the field and ask them for advice on finding employment in a competitive market. Alternatively you could meet with a career counselor. Career counselors provide insightful information into available internships, fellowships and job opportunities.

Towards the end of your studies it is crucial that you read trade publications specific to your industry of interest and gauge a better understanding and awareness of the available job prospects.

Final tips


Finally, apply, apply, apply! Search and apply for jobs several times a week using all of the available resources, including online job sites, magazines and newspapers. Set up email job alerts and always follow up on jobs applied for within one week of your application. Determination is key in any job market and being persistent in your job search will help you to ultimately achieve your employment goals. 

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