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How to Improve Your Success When Searching For a Job

This article will summarize the 10 key points that we should always keep in mind to try to achieve our goal of finding a job. I hope you find it useful:

  1. Setting objectives: The rise in unemployment means candidates must compete with a greater number of people in finding work, but this should not undermine their morale. The first step to tackling the job search is to specify what kind of position, organization and conditions you want. This is summarized in three points: what I want, when I want and where I want to work.
  2. Where to look for work: It is essential to analyze the different sources of recruitment. The current situation has reduced the number of job opportunities, making it more important than ever to identify potential employment opportunities. Company websites, online job boards, social media and newspapers can help you locate your dream job.
  3. Develop your CV: The curriculum vitae is still the basic tool when seeking employment and its presentation should always be perfect. "The CV must be clear, concise, visual and not too long, with a maximum of two pages in length. It will include major professional accomplishments in reverse chronological order and training, especially those related to the job you're looking for, "says the regional head of HR for Randstad.
  4. The interview: The candidate must prepare, answer honestly, be clear and show a positive attitude. It is also imperative to make a good impression.
  5. Screening test: You must read and listen carefully. It is important to stay focused, use common sense and simply try your best.
  6. Know the status of applications: Now more than ever it is important to demonstrate a clear interest in the position and the company and be proactive, staying informed about the various applications processes they have. 
  7. Provide value to the company: The candidate has to exploit their skills and competencies to the company during the entire process of finding a job. You need to highlight the value you can add to the company and why it is in their best interests to have you on board!
  8. Leave the door open: "I hope we can count on my candidacy for future occasions" is always a good ending.
  9. Be Active: Being active in the labor market requires a great effort by the candidate and this can certainly affect their degree of success in their job search. Keep searching and applying for new jobs untill you have signed an employment contact.
  10. Positive attitude: It is important to keep a positive attitude during the job search. Even if you have no luck in finding a job for several weeks, you cannot give up. You need to remain positive, motivated and inspired to find your perfect job and land a job interview!

Although these tips are not guaranteed to get you a job, they should at least give you a better chance.

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