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In the Beauty Industry On YouTube: Success with Style and Humour

Lauren Curtis is a YouTube success. She makes huge money with her “Lauren Beautyy” YouTube channel. She also gets her audience, millions of them, in stitches every now and then.

Lauren’s beauty channel is a down to earth, beauty tips channel. She gets good money from advertising, but it’s not hard to see why she’s so popular. She’s 20, a real person, and a very good presenter.

Lauren, unlike the mainstream beauty industry, has a “no bull” streak a mile or several wide. Her information is useful. It’s easy to understand, and right in the main demographic for her age group in particular.

This isn’t whizz kid stuff. It’s hard value for her viewers. Her beauty tips are straightforward. She doesn’t come across like the terrifying, downright threatening uber-beauty dictators of major media. She’s not offensive, like so many “I’ve already made a few billion in fashion, so I thought I’d do something even more annoying with makeup” beauty experts.

Lauren has another major asset. She’s a good canvas for her own beauty tips. She’s quite attractive, in an understated, 20 year old way, and obviously not an ultra-diva. She goes through her beauty tips clearly, delivering actual value for her viewers.

What YouTube success can do

How, you may well ask, does someone providing useful information without all the hype become a success, as in dollar values, on YouTube, of all places? YouTube is a vast graveyard of wannabe success stories, but Lauren has hit paydirt in the most convincing possible ways.

Her success is the real YouTube fairy tale success story:

  • Millions of hits
  • Ad revenue from hits
  • 150 emails a day, asking for product reviews and similar services
  • Lots of market credibility

Put it this way- A major advertising and marketing campaign may or may not achieve the sort of market exposure Lauren has made for herself, by herself.

Success formula = Common sense and good communications

She’s not a former supermodel or TV star. She doesn’t have a major network supporting and promoting her every appearance. She works from her place, in front of a camera, most of the time- And she succeeds where many mainstream equivalent broadcasts fail dismally.

Why so successful?

Intentionally or not, Lauren is delivering what her market wants, the way it wants it. She’s doing a good mix of shows, including New York Fashion Week backstage, My Fake Tanning Routine, and the truly funny Makeup Don’ts among many others.

This is textbook market positioning. She’s right in the middle of the ultra-fashion conscious, ultra-self-conscious, twenty-something market. She knows the issues. She’s giving this market exactly what it needs, as well as what it wants.

Fun, too

Her sense of humour is also very good. Makeup Don’ts is truly hilarious. From a nice looking 20 year old to something with concealed lips, congealed eyelashes and Groucho Marx eyebrows, she goes through two murderously funny makeup routines, deadpan.

The result of Makeup Don’ts is something like “Snog, Marry, or Avoid?”, only much funnier, because you can see so many accurate depictions of makeup mistakes. If you’ve ever wondered how otherwise attractive women could possibly be turned into zombies by bomb-happy, clumsy TV makeup, it’s a how-to manual.

The video comments were very appreciative. Tellingly, over 17,000 people liked her videos, and 1,000 people didn’t. YouTube may not be well known for its market research, but those numbers tell a story of their own.

It’s also extremely entertaining and well-produced. Lauren’s material is comprised of well edited, short bites of specific subjects. She could give lessons to communications and media workshops in terms of subject matter, composition of materials and basic camera presentation. The result is a perfectly natural product, worth watching.

That’s exactly why she’s currently under siege from people wanting her to contribute to their products with reviews and commentary.

Future success

Future possibilities for someone with Lauren’s excellent grasp of beauty issues are almost limitless. If the real basis of business success is laying the groundwork for future business, she’s holding all the right cards and playing them extremely well. If beauty industry consumers are lucky, she’ll be around for a long time at her age, too. Check out her site, Lauren Beautyy, on YouTube.

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