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How to Incorporate Technology in an Office Environment

Technology can make your life A LOT easier if you know how to use it correctly. Computers have become an invaluable resource for companies, as they help to streamline processes, work, and communications. But computers are just the start! There are many more ways that you can incorporate technology into your office environment, and below are just a few:

  • Use Dropbox to share files -- Instead of hosting shared files on a server, share files between employees using Dropbox. The cloud-based file sharing service is completely free, and you’ll find that it can save a lot of time transferring files. Note: Sensitive company documents should be kept safe, but less important documents can be passed via Dropbox.
  • Outsource your server -- Having a company server will help you to protect your documents, but you may want to consider outsourcing your server. You can set up your own Virtual Private Server or use a cloud-based server to ensure that your data is always accessible to you, but always safe from damage in case of emergencies.
  • Integrate your Point of Sale system -- If you are still using a manual Point of Sale system for the sale of your products, it’s well past time to computerize it. This will not only make it easier to track your sales, but it will reduce error, speed up transaction processing time, and help you to be far more accurate with your taxes.
  • Use white noise -- Studies have found that adding white noise into an office environment can increase productivity by as much as 38% (for simple tasks). Using a white noise machine can help you to prevent distractions and keep your employees focused on their tasks at hand.
  • Connect your printers to the wireless network -- Imagine how many man hours are wasted by employees having to stand up and bring their documents over to the printer just to get them printed out. Instead of letting that time be wasted, connect your printers to your wireless network and give the employees the ability to print right from their desks. It will save A LOT of man hours every year.
  • Consider telecommuting -- For the more productive, focused employees, telecommuting can be a good way to reward hard work and encourage more productivity. Telecommuters spend less time getting to and from the office, meaning they have more time to spend working. You may find that there are many employees who will enjoy their jobs more when they can work at home one or two days a week (or even full time), and you can save a lot on overhead costs (fewer employees in the office means a smaller office space).

The truth is that there are hundreds of ways that you can incorporate technology into your office environment, and every one of those ways can help to make life easier for you and your employees. Technology, when used correctly, can streamline work, reduce time waste, promote productivity, and even make your employees happier. It’s definitely worth upgrading your office in order to start making the most of the technology available to you! 


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