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STUDENT LIFE / JUL. 16, 2014
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Inexperienced Graduates: Time to Land a Great Job

With the passage of time, the rate of unemployment has tremendously increased. If you are one of the unemployed graduates, then its time for you to focus on your career seriously. We have observed that the companies don’t give preference to fresh graduates and inexperienced workers. The rate of hiring freshers for the senior job positions has reduced. What can you do in this difficult job market when only the highly educated and experienced individuals are taking the place? First, stop panicking, second do not limit your potential and keep in mind the following things.

Avail College Career Service:

Approach your college career service office. The staff can help you check the options available. Here you can find good opportunities and learn how to create a professional resume to apply for multiple jobs in different industries and companies. You should also get connected with seniors who had been at your place and done the same to obtain some insights of landing a great job.

Check the entry level job sites to know more about the latest listings of jobs and the companies that are hiring fresh graduates for multiple positions. For your ease, here are some of the websites.

Adapt the Teaching Profession:

There are a variety of educational organizations that hire graduates. You don’t have to be a certified teacher as all the necessary training is provided. These jobs can be very challenging, especially if one has never set foot in a classroom as a teacher. However, this can be your first step towards a progressive tomorrow. Apart from gaining the valuable experience, you will get sufficient money.

Join the Internship Programs:

Internships aren’t just for students who are still studying. A graduate or post graduate internship can be the great way to promote your resume and to get some work experience. Consider seasonal work. For example, as we know summer is at its peak. This can be your time to take an internship and bag a paycheck along with the experience of being in a professional environment.

Some Great Jobs for the Fresh Graduates to Consider:

Here is a brief list of the best paying jobs for the fresh graduates you can consider.

1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

Job Profile: Testing and evaluation of network like LAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet and other data communication.

Starting Pay: $40,100

Annual Growth: 53.4%

Annual Openings: 35,086

2. Sales Agent for Financial Services

Job Profile: Selling retirement packages and offering best sales packages to the employers and their employees.

Starting Pay: $30,890

Annual Growth: 24.8%

Annual Openings: 47,750

3. Sales Agent for Securities and Commodities

Job Profile: Selling stocks and bonds to investors.

Starting Pay: $30,890

Annual Growth: 24.8%

Annual Openings: 47,750

4. Market Research Analyst

Job Profile: Researching for information regarding products and services. This job involves online research and surveys.

Starting Pay: $33,310

Annual Growth: 20.1%

Annual Openings: 45,015

5. Public Relations Specialist

Job Profile: Maintaining a positive profile for a company, agency and individual through press and media.

Starting Pay: $29,580

Annual Growth: 17.6%

Annual Openings: 51,216

6. Cost Estimator

Job Profile: This job requires you to get into manufacturing and construction for the purpose of creating a chart of profit analysis by which the employer can place his bid for a project.

Starting Pay: $32,470

Annual Growth: 18.5%

Annual Openings: 38,379

7. Educational, Vocational and School Counselor

Job Profile: It provides career advice, guide through the education system and gives general guidance to the students for having a bright future.

Beginning Wage: $28,430

Annual Growth: 12.6%

Annual Openings: 54,025

8. Actuary

Job Profile: This job is based in insurance companies, where an actuary has to estimate cost of sickness, death, injury, disability, loss or damage to property.

Beginning Wage: $48,750

Annual Growth: 23.7%

Annual Openings: 3,245

9. Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Job Profile: The task includes the creation of legal and paralegal documents for meetings and trials.

Beginning Wage: $28,360

Annual Growth: 22.2%

Annual Openings: 22,756

10. Computer Support Specialist

Job Profile: It involves the troubleshooting and fixing the computer related problems over the phone, chat and internet.

Beginning Wage: $25,950

Annual Growth: 12.9%

Annual Openings: 97,334

If you have expertise in any of these fields, then you should look for relevant jobs on the internet. Always remember that the job market never shuts down, regardless of the fact that you will need some time to land the job of your dreams. So keep on struggling and try a lot to get your goals.


Source of Image: Wikipedia

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