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Innovative WiFi Hacks for The Workplace

Let’s face it, no management team would want a colleague who comes to work and spends all day updating Facebook. Browsing friends’ pages, spreading likes and comments, uploading new pictures from the weekend... Most companies now like to know what people are doing at work and your IT guy probably has a keystroke logger installed so he can run checks on every word you type, web page you visit and believe it or not this software actually takes a screen grab of every new page you access - in a low quality resolution - for minimum file size. Which means they can save thousands of screen shots at low memory storage.

If you’re lucky, you may work for one of the many companies who actually trust their staff, otherwise you’re probably falling victim to the likes of an IT supervisor or manager who enjoys the feeling of empowerment by being able to watch what you do.

But what happens when you have no other choice but to use a ‘restricted’ site in an emergency. There may be that one day you need to message your girlfriend or boyfriend to say you’ll pick them up later than expected. Or something happens, anything, and you need an answer now. What can you do?

Well, there is a way to use office WiFi by installing one of the underground WiFi hacking apps we found through extensive research. Although if you did that, it would be completely illegal and we would never condone illegal office activity which can be subjected to court fines and/or a criminal record.

But just out of curiosity, we wondered how this was done…

The first thing you need to know is almost everything you see and read about hacking apps is fake. Try to search for these on WiFi hacking software downloads on trusted and official sites like Cnet Reviews. They even say in the review that it is in fact a fake, and these apps don’t exist. But they do.

In the underground side of the internet. Some websites (AfterD*wn) have even been designed in a way to look like a family friendly forum, when actually the people contributing to the content are writing in code, mainly speaking about hacking in general, flashing Xboxs or funny things they did recently like controlling the neighbors baby monitor.

So what did we find when we extensively researched this for you? Most of it all is fake, but the video’s included in this article are what we believe to be the way to actually obtain free ways to access internet services - which we could only find in the YouTube comments of fake app video’s.

From what we have established, it is extremely difficult to be able to walk in the street and use an app to log into anyone’s WiFi, the two video’s below show how to do this from a desktop/laptop and easily get the password, which you can then use to login with your mobile. It is however variable depending on your operating software; in the following video comments it can be seen for some it works for others it doesn’t, if you have a phone like the video seen above, it takes some configuration, but you can do it.

Similarly using a laptop, for the truly techy:

For the average user:


*Tip: What we also found is a very simple and easy trick to use internet free from roaming charges. Step 1: Turn on Airplane Mode. Step 2: Keep Airplane Mode on and manually switch on Wi-Fi connectivity and manually select the WiFi you require. (I actually tried this now and you can switch on WiFi manually and Airplane mode does in fact remain switched off)


Image Sourced:  Digital Hacking Banking Scares

Video Sourced: Free 3G WiFi Hacking User Friendly Hack

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