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FOOD & FITNESS / JUL. 07, 2014
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Inspire Your Work Week Lunch - 10 Sandwiches Around the World

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1. Banh Mi
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Banh mi is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich that was invented during the French colonial period. It is a light baguette filled with pork, liver pate, chilies and coriander with ribbons of cucumber and pickled carrots. A vegetarian version can be made by replacing the meat and pate with tofu. Spicy, crunchy and flavoursome, the banh mi is likely to lighten up your lunch hour.

Do you eat your lunch at your desk and pack the same thing every day? Has lunch become a meaningless exercise in preference to working? Take some time out to be inspired by sandwiches around the world and see where it takes you...

The sandwich is classed as bread with fillings and is a popular workplace packed lunch. It is named after John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich who got hungry whilst gambling and asked his chef to prepare something ’portable’ for him to eat, thus the sandwich was invented.

Be brave and pack something new or if you really don’t have time, order something in, be different. Revive your lunch and eat around the world in 10 sandwiches, taking a taste of travel with you!

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