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Integrating Into the Workplace as an Executive


If you are about to start a new job in an executive position you will need to be aware of the implications of your new role and be fully prepared for the experience prior to commencing. Below is a guide on how you can efficiently integrate yourself into the workplace.

  1. Research the company

Ensure you have a thorough background knowledge of the company, including knowledge of its history as well as information regarding its current workforce. You will be entering this company in a higher position therefore it is crucial that you have fully aware of as many matters as possible pertaining to the company.

  1. Acknowledge the role

Now that you have been offered the job you should begin to make some preparations prior to commencement. Think about what you can bring to the role and acknowledge your specific skill area. Set some attainable goals that you know you can follow through on. Make a list of everything you wish to achieve in your new role (short and long term goals) and take them with you to your new job to constantly refer back to them.

  1. Remain aware

When commencing your new executive job it is fundamental that you maintain a constant awareness of everything that is going on around you. Do not become complacent in your role or blind to the activities around you. Keep track of everything that is going on and keep notes of any observations that you make. This way you will be able to look back to your notes at a later date and review any developments that have been made.

Avoid allowing conversations to steer towards your personal life; it is important that you maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. If you become too friendly with your team too early on, this could have negative implications on your success within the role and on how your employees treat you.

  1. Establish relations

One of your goals in your new executive position is to establish positive working relationships with those you are managing as well as the managers above you. You want to build a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable member of the company who is also professional.

  1. Ensure you maintain a communicative attitude

A positive working attitude starts with the ability to effectively communicate with those around you. Make people aware that you are always available to talk to them when needed, without being overly pushy or intrusive. On the other hand you do not want to come across as the executive who is too unapproachable.

The information above will help you to better integrate into your new executive role and get the best start possible. 

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