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SALARIES / DEC. 27, 2012
version 19, draft 19

Interior Ministry: More than 16.5 million zł for Officers for Overtime during EURO 2012

euro 2012

Today (August 28)

Interior minister asked the Minister of Finance proposes to mobilize more than 16.5 million zł from the special reserve money to pay for overtime worked by officers subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior during the EURO 2012 tournament. In total, police officers, firefighters, Government Protection Bureau and the Border Guard in securing the UEFA European Football Championship developed almost 711 thousand.overtime. Most overtime hours spent on duty police officers - more than 356 thousand. Euro 2012 was the largest project in the history of the free Polish, who were involved in our services responsible for security and public order.

Performance facility in the amount of 20 million zł was secured in the 2012 budget for a lump-sum allowance in lieu of extended time in service of police officers, Border Guard, the State Fire Service and the Government Protection Bureau during the EURO 2012 tournament. The officers on duty in excess of statutorily specified time weekly service time standard developed overtime for a total amount of 16 million 547 thousand. zł. The remaining amount of the reserve target zł nearly 3.5 million will be used to finance the expenditure related to the security police EURO 2012 tournament.

In total, officers subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs when securing the UEFA European Football Championship developed 710 thousand. 851 hours of overtime. Most overtime hours spent on duty police officers - 356 thousand. 656 and firefighters - 315 thousand. 606th Government Protection Bureau officers during EURO 2012 developed 30 thousand. 455 hours of overtime, and 8 thousand border guards. 134 overtime.

Of the more than 16.5 million zł most money will be used to pay for police officers - more than 8 million 370 thousand. zł and firefighters - 7 million 240 thousand. zł. Government Protection Bureau officers will receive more than 744 thousand. zł, and Border Guard officers more than 192 thousand. zł.

Recall that during the three weeks of the tournament EURO 2012 in Poland, played 15 games in the four host cities of Euro 2012 (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan). London has hosted the longest supporters, which at the National Stadium was played three group matches involving teams Polish, Russia and Greece, and one of the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Three matches "Polish" groups were also held in Wrocław. In Gdansk their Group C matches was played, the teams of Spain, Italy, Ireland and Croatia. In Gdansk, also held quarterfinal Germany - Greece. However, in Poznan, there were three group stage matches involving Ireland, Croatia and Italy.

Police, Border Guard, the National Fire Protection Office and make every effort in order to best prepare for the EURO 2012 tournament. The experience gained during the championship are used by security services to other events of mass.

To secure Euro 2012 tournament officials were involved provincial police command, especially in Gdansk, Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and the Metropolitan Police. In securing the championship also took part the services of the minister of national defense, including about one thousand. 200 soldiers of the Military Police.

Every day tournament over the safety of fans and the national team in the Host Cities watched an average of 6 thousand. policemen. During the match Poland - Russia and Russia - Greece number of forces deployed in Warsaw rose to 14 and 16 thousand. officers.

In total, across all days in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lublin and Rzeszów, the service directly related to the event served as collateral 201 000 329 policemen. The work associated with the provision of law and order during the tournament officials were also involved other regional police command.

The operations were performed police escort due to the crossing football teams, referees, delegates, observers and other persons UEFA routes. 3376 realized a total of 771 officers escort, driving 39.716 km.

During the period of EURO 2012 exceeded the outer limit of about 2 million people. Comparing the period before the tournament (first week of June.) Was an increase of 10 percent. Busiest airports recorded in Poznan and Gdansk, mainly because fans from Ireland and Croatia.

Recall that under the Regulation of the Minister for the Interior in the period from 4 June to 1 July 2012 was carried out at the internal border control Schengen area and selected flight and ferry connections (sea). These activities support the Border Guard Police, Military Police, Road Transport Inspection and State Fire Service. These activities do not result in traffic difficulties or delays in rail traffic.

From 4 June. checked almost 29 thousand. people, of whom 99 percent. were foreigners. As a result of these actions detained 14 foreigners and 22 were denied the right to enter the Polish market.

The security operation EURO 2012 tournament by the national fire-fighting and rescue system are covered include:

- 4 stadiums - in the host cities, 
- 5 fan zones - 4 in the host cities and in Krakow 
- 14 accommodation centers (including one for the judges), and training in the five provinces 
- 6 train stations 
- 8 airports - in This 3 aerodromes constitute Euro.

The security measures involved a total of approximately 14.5 thousand. rescuers (including 1,450 firefighters Volunteer Fire Service) and about 3,300 emergency vehicles.

However, officials of the Government Protection Bureau during the EURO 2012 implemented the tasks of direct protection (ensuring the safety of more than 100 people), the protection of objects and places of temporary residence, radiological checks pyrotechnics, special transport. Checked almost 50 thousand. and 48 thousand people. pieces of luggage. Pyrotechnicians BOR conducted a check of more than 1.6 thousand. vehicles and 86 spaces. At the National Stadium in Warsaw, the officers made several test 8 800 m2 (at 11 levels) and 2000 seats in the VIP area.

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