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Interview 101 – What Not to Do

Congratulations! You have passed onto the interview stage of the job hunting procedure. This is the most crucial step in landing the job and it is imperative that you prepare to ensure smooth sailing. You need to practice commonly asked interview questions, prepare your outfit and psychologically prepare yourself for the potentially stressful environment.

It is highly recommended to conduct research on the company’s mission and services to ensure that you have a general overview of the business and the role you are interviewing for. By doing so, candidates are able to reduce the level of stress and anxiety for the big day.

The following are 3 common mistakes that job seekers make during their job interview:

Answer a Phone Call

This is the most basic rule of professional interview etiquette – leave your phone on silent! Many job seekers tend to keep their mobile phones on vibrate which is an equally distracting during an interview. It is important to keep your mobile out of sight and on silent. This ensures that you are not distracted or fiddling with anything during the interview – thus being fully focused.

Elaborating your Weaknesses

Yes, there is a high chance that the interviewer will ask you the question about your strengths and weaknesses – but it is important to keep you weakness brief. Many experts in the industry advise candidates to disguise their weakness as a strength, thus showing how you can use it to your advantage. For example:  “too much attention to detail” can be a weakness that means that you pay attention to your work, however you can disguise it as – “too much attention to detail, however my time management skills help me meet my targets effectively”.

Forget the Company

When job hunting, you are sure to apply for many jobs in the industry, as a result of which you may forget the jobs you have applied for. This is a common mistake as candidates confuse the name of the company during the course of the interview – a minor error that recruiters will remember. To avoid this faux pas, you should research the company and understand their services before you attend the interview.

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