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INTERVIEWS / JUL. 09, 2013
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Interview Questions all Interviewers Should Know

Whether you are an experienced recruiter, or you are holding your first ever interview, it is vital that you prepare effective questions to ask, in order to ensure you obtain all the information you need to make an informed decision a candidate’s suitability for the job.

Some of the most useful questions to ask candidates that will allow you to obtain a clear idea as to how prepared the candidate is, are listed below:

Tell me about yourself?

One of the most dreaded questions by candidates, but one that is so frequently asked; it is almost interview suicide not to prepare for it. Ask this question at the very beginning of the interview to ascertain how well prepared the candidate is, and how relevant their answer is to the job. Allow them only 2 minutes to give you their full response, after which you should stop them and move on to the next question.  

Describe your perfect job

This question may rattle the candidate; they may think it is a ‘trick question’ when in fact all you should be looking for is a response as to why their ‘dream job’ is the job opening you are recruiting for. The response you receive will give you an idea of the career motivations of each candidate, and their intended career path. You can also gauge the expectations of the candidate in terms of career progression and workplace benefits.

What is your biggest weakness?

A question that remains a favorite with many employers is the ‘tell me your biggest weakness’ question. Answers to this question can swing both ways; if you are looking for someone with brutal honesty then you should expect to hear a true weakness (but one that will not necessarily affect the job). If you are looking for someone with the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one, then expect a ‘weakness’ that could actually be construed as a strength. Either way, the candidate should be able to give you their weakness without too much thought or hesitation; proving they have prepared for the interview.

Describe your Perfect Manager


This question may worry the candidate as they will automatically want to describe you as the interviewer, but without knowledge of how you manage your team, their answer would be uninformed. A good response to this question is simply to describe their ideal boss in a practical and plausible way. You will be able to find out whether the candidate has the right cultural fit for your company by asking this question. 

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