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Interview Questions that Should Flag Suspicion

During the interview you will be asking most of the questions. Your intention is to find out if the candidate is the ideal fit for the position, and if you want to hire them. But it’s not only the answers to your questions that will give you a clearer impression of the candidate; it’s also the questions that the candidate asks you during the course of the interview that matter.

Below are some of the many questions that candidates simply shouldn’t ask you during an interview!

Information that is easily searchable on the internet

Job interviews are not the time to ask unnecessary questions. The internet provides a wealth of information at our fingertips, including information about your company. Most of this information is available from company websites, press releases and information portals, so a candidate who asks you unnecessary questions suggests that they are disorganised and have failed to do their research.

Questions relating to gossip the candidate may have heard

The candidate isn’t present to discuss hearsay; they are present to sell themselves for the role! Asking questions about gossip should tell you what sort of a candidate you are dealing with. If you are asked about company gossip, it is best advised to place them in the NO pile!

Questions about pay, time off, sick leave and so on

This shows the candidate’s true objectives during the interview and immediately says that they are not interested in the job role or in career development.

 ‘Do you do background checks?’

This immediately says: ‘I have something to be guilty about’, so if you are asked a question like this, ask the candidate what their purpose is for asking such as question. They may have a legitimate reason, or they may have a history of drug smuggling...

Monitoring email and internet usage


This immediately tells you how much importance the candidate places on browsing the internet. You don’t pay your employees to mess around; you pay them to do a job. Anyone who has the guts to ask questions of this nature doesn’t deserve to be given the job! 

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