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Interview Questions You Should Know as a Recruiter

All recruiters are aware that the type of interview questions they ask can make or break an interview. This is because the harder or more complex the question is, the more likely it is to ‘test’ the candidate and put them on the spot. Likewise, with easy questions, you may find that candidates show their personality more and you therefore get a glimpse of who they are as a person behind the ‘employee’.

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or not, it is essential that you ask the right type of questions in line with the job type you are interviewing for and the type of company you are recruiting for.

View some of the most important interview questions that all recruiters should know about, below:

#1 Tell me about yourself?

This is probably one of the most famous interview questions and is used at the very beginning of an interview. You should ask this as a way of finding out how prepared the candidate is, what the candidate deems relevant about themselves, and whether their personality comes across in their response.

Give candidates no more than 2 minutes to answer this question though. If they have only provided you information about their birthplace after 2 minutes then you know they are unprepared or have a poor idea of what is relevant to discuss in an interview!

#2 What is your biggest weakness?

The purpose of an interview is for the candidate to show off all their best features and skills, and so this question makes it very hard for candidates to answer honestly. It is nevertheless important to ask this question to the interviewee, as it will give you an understanding of how they perceive themselves. If they answer with an honest weakness then you can assume they are truthful and open, where as if they answer with a predictable response, you can assume they are simply well prepared and trying to impress.

#3 What is your biggest regret to date?

This question is meant in a ‘career-related’ manner, but it is not necessary to state this to the candidate. Give them the freedom to determine what you mean by it and allow them the chance to structure their own response how they see fit. You will find out a lot about their character at this point.

#4 Describe 3 qualities of your ideal manager

This is a great interview question as it gives you an idea of the type of manager they would be happy to work for, and if their qualities they describe do not fit the manager they would be working for, then you can ascertain that they may not be happy in the role.

#5 Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?
This is the question to end all questions! It is to be asked at the end of the interview and it is imperative that the candidate does ask you something relevant and something which has not yet been discussed during the interview.


These 5 interview questions are the most powerful, complex and influential questions that can in most cases, sway an interview with regards to how successful the candidate is. They may seem like basic and predictable questions to ask, but you will be surprised by how many unprepared or baffling answers you do receive from candidates who would otherwise be perfectly skilled and suited for the job!

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