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INTERVIEWS / JUL. 15, 2013
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Interviewing Entry Level Candidates

The recruitment procedure is often a frustrating as it incorporates going through a large volume of resumes in limited period of time. Employers must find potential employees through the restricted information they obtain from their resumes. Furthermore, hiring entry level employees is considered to be even more challenging as each candidate has less experience and skills in the area. It is imperative to tailor the interview procedure when hiring graduates as their abilities are mostly based on their educational qualifications rather than experience.

The following are a few tips on how to interview candidates at entry level:

Open the Interview Professionally

When starting the interview, make sure that you make an effort to put the candidate at ease. This can be done by:

·         Introduce yourself and your position within the company
·         Make sure the candidate understands the job role
·         Outline the interview procedure and how you will proceed

Make the Candidate feel Comfortable

Many interviewers offer candidates a glass of water to make them feel comfortable and confident during the course of the interview. This will help the interviewee feel less nervous therefore more likely to succeed during the interview.

Guide them through the Interview

A number of graduates have never been interviewed before, thus making this a first time experience for them. Recruiters are advised to prompt the interviewees during the course of the experience. This is a tactic that is used widely when hiring graduates as they are usually shy and unsure during their first interviews. By guiding candidates with statements such as “give an example of a time when you used your event management skills”, recruiters are able to get a better assessment of their capabilities.

Ask questions related to their Skills rather than Experience

Recruiters are advised to always base their questions on the each candidate’s individual capabilities. When interviewing for an entry level position, you should focus your questions on their specific skills and qualifications rather than their work experience.

Outline the After-Interview Protocol

As many individuals are entering the interview as first time graduates, it is integral that you explain the after-interview procedure. Make sure they are aware of when to hear from you and what the rest of the procedure will be post-interview.

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