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Inventive Entrepreneurial Move in Time of Crisis

Becoming a Skype sex worker was an unprecedentedly profitable venture for Abigail Fox, the nickname of a former ‘cam-girl’ who entered the online sex industry in 2009 when the crisis hit Los Angeles and jobs were scarce. Fox then made stripping in front of a web cam a business, which all in all made her richer than ever!

How this business started

It all started in 2009 when Fox was living in Los Angeles at a time when the labour market was suffering from the adverse effects of the crisis. A classified at Craiglist explaining how girls made up to $500 (£311) entertaining men from a local studio, using just a laptop with a built-in camera was enough to ignite her and decide to go for it! The advert was promising ‘no hands-on’ so this made her think it could be an easy job.

And indeed, ‘The cam girl’ managed to earn $270 (£168) from the first client who just wanted to talk. The Skype call lasted for 3 hours. Interestingly, the business of being a ‘cam girl’ involved a standard tariff per minute for the customer and absolutely high gains for the worker. No wonder Fox made a fortune!

The most customer service-oriented job she ever had

Fox admits that being a Skype sex worker was all about customer service, and she clearly excelled in satisfying her customers considering the cash flow she had coming in .  Fox confesses that “with one eye on the timer, she stretched and bent her way through private sessions, trying to prolong everything”;  An excellent marketing tactic in keeping the consumers attention for as long as possible, while getting paid by the minute.

Fox was capitalizing on guys who were looking for a pretend girlfriend for a couple of hours. Not a bad job to play girlfriend for a while and then be single again when you get bored. No strings attached!

The end of a ‘glorious’ career

Fox’s brilliant career ended without warning after realizing that the seedy world of online sex became too much for her. Not only did she get fed up with clients who would often ask for freebies, but her new line of work was causing arguments with her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, what we should learn from this story is that at times of crisis there is always an inventive entrepreneurial move to help you move on with your life! You just have to be ‘crafty’ enough to make it work!


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