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iOS 7: A Pioneering System for Efficient Users

The brand new iOS 7 appears to be more than a visual makeover. It’s an amazing and revolutionary operating system. This fantastic update of the iOS system combines a variety of handy features that will perfectly satisfy your everyday communication needs. Its innovative design, extra-control specifications, impeccable photo features and navigation techniques are among others elements that significantly differentiate iOS 7 with previous iOS versions. The new iOS 7 will support the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S.

What specifically makes iOS 7 stand out?

Extra control features

Apple’s new operating system features a control system which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen whenever you like. You can control your volume and brightness, music and sound settings with just a simple slide. The highlight feature though is the option to trigger automatic data downloads from messages and emails instead of having to wait for the app to be entirely loaded. Downloads are also aggregated and only active when you receive enough signal, therefore saving your phone’s battery. Investing in this augmented sense of control, Apple makes it easier for working professionals to respond efficiently to their everyday telecommunication needs. Time is money for most employees – especially business owners - and these time-saving features will definitely prove useful for them.

Better photo quality and albums

The iOS 7 camera app with its minimalist black and white design enables users to automatically group their photos according to the day, location (with geo-tags) using the Moments, Collections and Years filters in the Photo App. It is then easy to archive and find photos that you took in the past, something that will also save seconds or minutes from your valuable time. Also, bear in mind that the camera app has built-in Instagram-style filters and a square-picture option which is ideal for Instagram fans! This will be a definite win for social media and marketing professionals!

Better navigation

The Safari browser on the iOS 7 perfectly responds to the demands of today’s multi-tasking users. Forget the previous versions’ browsing patterns which were limited to eight tabs. You can now switch between windows with a 3D scrolling effect. Bookmarking became also more efficient, with a new function that assembles updates from Twitter streams, so you don’t have to constantly switch between your apps.

The list with iOS 7’s efficient characteristics goes on and on. But Apple’s newly introduced operating system is more than a visual lure. It is the right hand of every demanding, efficient professional.

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