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Is Amazon the New Google?


The biggest tech showdown of our time is Amazon vs. Google. Google has come to define what the Internet is over the years, but Amazon wants to challenge that dominance. They’re battling in a number of key areas, and so far there’s no indicator of who’s going to win. In this article, we’re going to take a look at just how Amazon came to take on the grand shaman of Internet searches.

How they Came Together

It’s confusing for a lot of people because Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace and Google is the world’s biggest search engine. Whilst they have different cores, they have started to rub against each other because of their individual success stories.

Amazon is a search engine itself, but for products, rather than for Google’s generalised search features. A lot of people don’t realise they’re using Amazon as a search engine. And this is what Google isn’t happy with. It’s starting to break their search monopoly.

Google’s numbers remain huge, but they’re in decline. Google gets 233.1 million unique users every month, compared to 172 million on Amazon. This is a massive gap, yet Amazon has been closing the gap for years now.

Google Returns Fire

Google has also tried to take aim at Amazon’s e-commerce business. An example of this is the trialing of same-day delivery services in San Francisco. It wants to offer the same delivery options that Amazon has become known for.

Google has also started to become a big player in the hardware industry. They launched an individual Android platform, which makes Amazon’s Kindle Play a much harder sell. Google Glass and other wearable technologies are paving the way in this area, and this is hard for Amazon to respond to.

Where it’s still king is in the cloud storage industry. Google has attempted to hit this with its own cloud storage options. This is one battle that has yet to be won, but it will mark a significant step forward for either company if they can score some sort of breakthrough.

What we’ve learned is that these companies have more in common than we think. They have their fingers in so many pies that this battle that will likely rage for years to come.

Amazon Takes on Google’s Businesses

You would be mistaken to think that it’s only Google that’s attempting to take down Amazon’s businesses. Amazon is also attacking the various sectors of Google. It wants to do more than take Google’s market share in the search engine business. Back in August 2014, Amazon said that they would pay $1 billion for the game streaming service Twitch. Take note, Google also wanted to buy Twitch.

We’ve seen this battle spill over into the real world. Google setup an office in King’s Cross, London. Amazon decided to break new ground with a mega office block just down the road that can hold 5,000 employees. Now they’re also competing on talent in exactly the same area.

There are also rumours that Amazon is building its own ad network to challenge Google’s. These are only rumours, though. Google would see this as threat to its very existence, because ads are its main revenue stream.

What some people are asking now is whether we could possibly see these two giants merge in a mega deal for the ages. At this moment, it is certainly not likely. There’s no evidence to suggest any of them have reached this point yet, but as we know an economic downturn could change everything.

For now, we will continue to debate over which is the better company.

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