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Is it Ever a Good Idea to Get Friendly with the Boss?

To answer this question, we need to establish exactly what ‘friendly’ means. If it extends to flirtation, physical contact, relationships, or any other form of inappropriate behavior, then no, getting friendly with the boss is never a good idea.

If ‘friendly’ simply means getting to know your boss better, understanding his or her work ethics and priorities, and spending more time with them to show your dedication to the job, then yes, make friends and watch how fast you make it up the career ladder!

Advantages of befriending the boss

#1 You will be the first one considered when promotions are available.

#2 You will be the boss’s right hand man in times of need or crisis, placing you in an authoritative position over others.

#3 You will gain a mentor as well as a new friend.

#4 You will learn the real tricks of the trade without having to figure them all out for yourself.

#5 Befriending the boss means you will have access to other influential people, giving you a great opportunity to network.

Disadvantages of making friends with the boss

#1 You could be considered by your co-workers as a brown-noser if your friendship with the boss is not genuine.

#2 You may find that others lose respect for you if you get special treatment from your new found friend.

#3 As much as you may want to flaunt your buddy relationship, you could make others feel uncomfortable.

#4 You may not be considered for promotions due to the fact that the boss may worry others will complain it’s favoritism.

#5 If you have a personal related dispute with the boss, it could also affect your working relationship.

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