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Is it Time to Move on? – Take This Quiz to Find Out!

We all have the dreaded feeling on a Monday morning before work; the feeling that just won’t leave the pit of our stomachs until we actually get to work and then realize it’s not as bad as we think! But for some people, that feeling never leaves them, and rather than settling into the workplace they feel like they don’t fit in and should be doing something else, somewhere else.

The beginning of a New Year is the best time to evaluate where your career is headed and to determine whether you should stay in your current job, or look for something better!

Take the quiz below to help you distinguish whether a career move is the best option for you…

1. It’s the end of the weekend, how do you feel?
A. You are eager to get back into the office; you know that your workload is just piling up when you’re not there.
B. You have a feeling of dread and anxiety, and want to jump on the next plane out the country rather than go to work in the morning!

2. What is the one thing you hate most about your job?
A. “I wouldn’t say ‘hate’, but I don’t much like the range of coffee and tea brands in the canteen.”
B. “Everything! I literally hate everything about the place!”

3. You have just had a rotten day at work, what do you do?
A. You brush it off as a bad day and head home to enjoy a film with a friend or partner.
B. You head home and cry into your pillow for the evening wondering why you have such a rubbish job.

4. How do you spend your lunch hour?
A. Chill at your desk and socialize with other co-workers whilst having lunch.
B. Make your escape to a café far from the office just to ‘get away from it all’.

5. Do you consider yourself to be stressed?                          
A. Occasionally, when deadlines must be met and performance reviews are pending.
B. Very! You cannot relax even after work or on weekends. You are anxious and stressed most of the time.


If you answered mostly A’s, then you should stick with the job you have, you seem to like it and it doesn’t appear to cause you much stress.

If you answered mostly B’s, get out of your job as soon as you can! It is clearly causing you distress and upset, and no job is worth that!



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Get our FREE eBook!
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