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Is Management in Your DNA?

Management DNA

Maybe you’ve been considering taking a position in management but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to be an effective manager. Chances are, if you are management material, your boss or manager has been grooming you for a promotion to the management team. There are several factors or characteristics that effective managers exhibit in the workplace. This article will discuss those characteristics in further detail and help you to ascertain if management is in your DNA.

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Dedicated Work Ethic

One of the major characteristics of an effective manager is an individual who has a dedicated work ethic. This person comes to work early and is not annoyed when work projects dictate staying late. If management is in your DNA, you are not focused on working at an hourly rate, but would rather work on a salary basis. Managers have more responsibility than general employees and they understand that their job may call for a bigger time commitment and working extra hours.

Ability to Delegate Tasks

Another way to know if you have management in your DNA is whether or not you are able to delegate tasks for fellow employees to complete. Effective managers know how to properly delegate the workload so that the workplace environment stays productive and successful. A manager who is not capable of delegating may not be management material. It is important to know your own limits and the most effective way to delegate tasks to those under your management.

High Responsibility Quotient

If you have a high responsibility quotient, it is likely that management is in your DNA. You have the ability to accept total responsibility for your actions. Additionally, as a manager, you will be able to take responsibility for the errors and missteps of those on your team. Of course, a good manager helps team members learn how to accept responsibility for their own mistakes as well. Management is in your DNA if you see how important it is to be a responsible individual in the professional world.

Handling the Criticism Factor

In addition to being responsible, good managers know how to effectively handle criticism of their own work, as well as dole it out to others. Remember that individuals with management in their DNA will handle these situations by giving constructive criticism with the intention of furthering employee development. Reacting in anger is not a trait of an effective manager. Additionally, good managers can actually give the constructive criticism without fear of repercussions. They have confidence in their own assessment of the situation.

Reprimanding Employees

In line with giving constructive criticism, individuals with management in their DNA know how to properly reprimand employees when necessary. For example, good managers are able to reprimand an employee who is abusing company time by constantly surfing the net and not completing work tasks. This ability to properly reprimand an employee’s negative behavior is not something that everyone can handle. However, if this is something that you can do effectively, you will be a good manager.

Firing Employees

Managers will have to fire employees who have violated company policy or exhibited poor workplace behavior. Sometimes managers even have to fire an employee simply because of downsizing, not poor work performance. If either of these two situations gives you a sense of fear, maybe management is not in your DNA. An effective manager is able to lead in all types of situations regardless of the consequences and possible repercussions from unhappy employees.

Ability to Remain Neutral

This final factor in knowing whether management is in your DNA is the ability to remain neutral and focused on all of the facts of the situation. For example, you may be friends with one of the employees on your team. However, if you cannot reprimand this person if he or she makes a mistake, you are not management material. Additionally, if you are presented with a situation where you need to stay neutral and defend your team member to the upper management, would you be able to handle that? Answering yes to this question means that you do have management in your DNA.

Excellent managers know how to lead by example and stand their ground when they feel passionate about an issue. However, they also continually maintain a professional attitude and seek to cultivate positivity in the workplace.

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Are you a manager who has all of the traits mentioned above? Do you think that all of them are necessary? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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