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Is ‘Rent-A-Gent’ the Next Top Job in the US?

Rent-A-Gent, an agency which was launched in New York last year, provides women with the opportunity to hire a ‘hunk’ from a list of “smart and handsome men” and use them in activities such as birthday parties, corporate events, dates or even in kitchen doing various chores. Essentially, any goes, except for sex! This men on-demand idea was inspired by a group of successful women who attended several bachelorette parties and couldn’t find the perfect man. According to them:

“We attended a few boring bachelorette parties where the oily guy who showed up at the door looked nothing like the guy we chose and couldn’t carry on a 5 minute conversation. We ordered a 6'1 model and got a 5'6 hairy beast. There was also a birthday party of an ex where one of us wanted to bring the most handsome date in NYC and couldn’t find anyone at short notice. That’s where the Rent A Gent concept of men on demand was born”.

How the Service Works

The aim of this service is to give confident women an entertaining and safe option which is governed by women’s rules. Gents for hire are £120 ($200) per hour. All gents featured on the site  have their own profile which includes a short resume, height description, their location and their degree level. Gents usually have more than one special talent and the service provided depends on the special talents or skills of the gent selected. To name a few: dancing, singing, guitar playing, teaching languages, cooking, bartending, cleaning, assisting, martial arts, sports, personal training, photography, stripping, breakdancing, ballet, poetry and even philosophy.

Interestingly, customers can leave reviews on the website, and the gents who accumulate the best reviews will see their price increase.

The Interview Process for Hiring Gents

According to Rent-A-Gent's CEO, Sara Shikhman, the interview process to become one of the site's "Gents" is rigorous, admitting that she can sometimes interview up to 100 men before finding one suitable guy. When asked if her company simply exists to objectify men, Shikhman says "it's the modern world and we have lots of different options".

The most popular service at the moment is Noah who accompanies clients to events and to dinner. The second most popular service is bachelorette parties. The agency has several strippers who are also professional dancers. Personal training is another popular service.

Interestingly, the company is growing at a rate of 50% a month as women around the US become aware of this exciting experience. Watch this video to get a tangible idea of how this exclusive marketplace of handsome, smart, and talented men on demand works. Ladies (or gents)…Would you ever rent a gent? Please don’t hesitate to comment… 

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