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WEB & TECH / MAR. 13, 2015
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Is Tumblr the Next Big Thing for Bloggers?


Bloggers will either use Blogger or WordPress. That has been the way of things for many years now. Tumblr has made its name as a second-rate social network resembling Pinterest. Whilst successful in its own right, it hasn’t had the success of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but it’s seeking to reinvent itself. It wants to appeal to bloggers worldwide. Today, it wants to unveil itself as a brand new blogging platform.

Stop scratching your head for a moment and read on. We’ll show you what this strange change is all about.

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So, What is this Change?

Tumblr has always acted as a microblogging platform. What it wants to do is make it easier for regular bloggers to post their content. In January 2015, we saw Tumblr unveil a change to its editor. This is a huge change to the way users create posts.

From now, the WYSIWYG editing options, which are basically all the tools you get in WordPress, are available for use with your text and images from the main Tumblr dashboard. There are also a number of new formatting options and the chance to add lists and links to external sources of content. Anyone who has ever blogged before will have no problem using these tools.

Is it a Viable Option?

The magic question is should a writer consider trying the new Tumblr as a viable blogging platform? Remember, it still has to compete with the likes of WordPress.

First of all, we have to say the new Tumblr editor makes everything easier. Content creation is no longer the slog it once was with this platform. The new options make lengthy posts simple to break up and adding third-party content easier.

The problem is if we look at the minimalist content creation platform Medium, we can see they already offer this. In fact, it removes many of the distractions still present on Tumblr. This is why a lot of writers have refused to yield and test Tumblr. It doesn’t offer anything particularly new or groundbreaking. It’s not an exercise in innovation. It’s an exercise in catching up to competitors already so far ahead of Tumblr.

Two features Tumblr lacks is the integrated commenting platform and content performance analysing. In other words, it’s difficult for people to interact with your content and difficult to see how well your content is doing. For now, this is not a serious contender to the big names. Unless Tumblr has a new raft of changes in the offing, we can’t see how it’s supposed to act as a real alternative.

The Big Update and the Future of Tumblr

What has been touted as a big update to this platform hasn’t done much in the grand scheme of things. We’re not saying Tumblr doesn’t have its place in the world. It continues to bring in millions of visitors every month. Also, we need to say Tumblr has in no way diminished its other microblogging features due to this update. Everything else remains in place as before. This is an addition, not a renovation.

Whilst we’re not going to pretend writers and bloggers are going to drop WordPress en masse and flock towards Tumblr, we will say it does demonstrate the team has noted the trends within the industry. They’ve realised what their audience wants.

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It’s why we fully expect further changes going forward. Watch this space, because we’re in no doubt this team isn’t finished with its blogging platform yet. In a few years, we may well see users deciding to try Tumblr once again. It could well change the blogging field as we know it!

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