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WORKPLACE / DEC. 06, 2013
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Is your Boss a Bulldog or a Chihuahua?

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1. The Poodle Boss
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Extremely intelligent with a good nose for business,they possess a talent for adaptation to new concepts and are enthusiastic participants in problem solving. If you work for a poodle boss you will need to work hard and complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Have you ever noticed that people and dogs often bare an uncanny resemblance to each other? It is said that people often resemble their own dogs and I wonder if this is because people chose a dog that has a familiar, comfortable appearance i.e. their own, or do owners of dogs slowly morph themselves unconsciously into looking like their canine buddy? Sometimes it is not simply appearance that humans and dogs share but personality, habits, and behavior too. Certain breeds of dogs are known to exhibit certain kinds of behavior, e.g. German shepherds are highly trainable because of their intelligence and self-control, whilst a Dalmatian is highly active and lack focus and restraint. These traits probably sound like a human that you know, am I right? Which brings me to a question that you may have pondered yourself at some point: what kind of dog is your boss? Do you work for a Pitt Bull or a Chihuahua, maybe a Labrador or a Bulldog?

Let’s find out which breed most closely resembles the person that calls the shots at your workplace.

Golden Retriever is intelligent and has a confident, friendly and patient temperament. You are lucky if you have a boss like this, as they are most likely to lift the mood when they enter the office and will take time to listen to their employees and act on their suggestions. They are enthusiastic and will be the first to sign up for extra curriculum activities that encourage teamwork.

Chihuahua is described as spirited and intelligent. Working for a Chihuahua can be challenging because although they can be friendly and enthusiastic they have very little patience and will not hold back if they are upset about something. They are wary of new people, so it will take time for them to build their trust in a new employee.

If your boss is a Bulldog then you will experience the determination and stubbornness that is characteristic to the breed. The Bulldog lives by ‘the slow and steady wins the race’ ideal and they will become stubborn and defensive if a task is hurried or disorganized. It’s best not to cross this boss during the work day but after hours they can prove to be humorous and are likely to have more than a few inappropriate jokes up their sleeves.

The Afghan hound is a regal looking animal with long limbs, a sleek coat, and a pointed nose that is held high. If your boss is a member of this breed you will need to step up your game as anything less than perfection will not fly. This boss will glide through the office with dignity and an air of detachment that makes them unapproachable, however if they go after something, nothing will stop them so do not stand in their way. If you do succeed in earning the trust of an Afghan hound then you will receive their loyalty for life.

While there are so many comparisons to be made, I will finish with the Jack Russell terrier; if this rascal is your boss then your workplace will never be dull! This breed is hard working and will give 100% to everything all day every day. This is the boss that is at work when you start at 5am and is still enthusiastically plugging away when the second shift clocks out at midnight. You have no idea when they find time to train in for the annual triathlon but they always manage to finish in the top ten and have shelves of trophies in the office to prove it. The Jack Russell is playful and smart, so pay attention when they speak because their wit is razor sharp.

Check out some of the other breeds I cam across when writing this article in the slideshow above...

Do you recognise your boss in any of these breeds? What other canine comparisons can you think of? Add to my list by commenting below!

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