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Israeli Firefighting Service Training

Individuals who are interested in servicing with the Israeli firefighting department can do so as a volunteer or as a professional level employee. Essentially, all individuals who are eligible to become a fireman/woman must complete the appropriate training course at the Fire Services National Training Center.

 The National Firefighting and Rescuing school, based in Rishon Le’tzion aims to train and certify individuals as firefighters and commanders for the State of Israel.

The main objectives of the National Firefighting and Rescuing school are:

  • Qualify, train and authorize firefighters

  • Develop and implement sciences of firefighting

  • Authorize external sources on matters relating to fire prevention and rescue

  • Train teaching staff

There are various training courses available for candidates to enlist, some of which include:

  • Fire prevention inspectors

  • Fire investigators

  • Instructors course

  • Rescuing course

  • Hazardous substances course

  • Operation of heavy vehicles course

 Types of career paths in the Israeli fire service

 Depending on your area of interest and skill set, you can follow a career path within the fire service that best meets your employment objectives. There are various positions available for eligible candidates, such as:

  • Fire investigator

  • Forest firefighter

  • Fire-prevention expert

  • Fire supervisor

  • Airplane-crash firefighter

  • Fire-safety officer

  • Specialist in rescue and property salvages


Individuals who qualify as a firefighter can progress in different areas of the public sector, such as public authorities, emergency services, industrial plants, and industrial transportation.  

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