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It's a Man's World: Engineering Needs More Women [video]

Have you noticed that women are discouraged from pursuing careers in technology, science and engineering? Truth is women interested in engineering are often questioned as to whether they are smart or resilient enough to become scientists and engineers. Taking into account career planning however, this shouldn’t be the case. 

Both women and men should be allowed to follow their dreams and choose a profession that they are passionate about. In the case of engineering, women are indeed a minority as only 11% of engineers are women in the US!

In this video, Debbie Sterling confides her experience as an engineering student addressing to the gender gap that exists in science, technology, engineering and maths. Focusing on the impact of engineering upon society, she explains why it’s necessary to get more women involved in engineering so that there’s also a female perspective on the science and technology that is shaping our lives.

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Check out this video from TEDx Talks to listen to what Debbie Sterling has to say in regards to how she managed to become a successful engineer despite feeling an outsider as an engineering student!

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