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It’s The End of The World: Job Interview Prank

Job interviews can be a nerve racking experience, you generally have no idea what to expect other than the typical questions about your occupational background, why you think you are the most suitable candidate for the role, and what are your strengths as far as meeting the criteria of the job go.

Being interviewed for a job can phase even the most confident, highly qualified individuals, but what happens when a job interview turns, well, apocalyptic? Watch this video to see how these interviewees reacted.

This delightfully funny prank was concocted by LG for the sole purpose of promoting its ‘Ultra HD’, an 82-inch high-definition plasma screen TV. Filmed in Chile, LG wanted to demonstrate to consumers just how visually realistic images on this TV are, and how defined the sound quality of these TVs are as well. A well-orchestrated prank like this one has of course gone viral, making it a stroke of advertising genius for LG despite critics’ suspicions about the authenticity of the interviewees and their mortified reactions. LG are following what is now a highly successful, carefully crafted formula that is known as “prankvertising.”

What is Prankvertising?

Prankvertising is an emerging advertising trend where companies wishing to advertise brands, products and services unleash an ad campaign that dupes unsuspecting members of the public into participating in the actual ad itself. The basis of a prankvertisement works because the participants in the ad do not know they are part of it - this is a form of dramatic irony where the audience knows what is going on, but the actors don’t.

Take this concept, apply it to an ad campaign and the possibilities are seemingly endless and extremely funny.

Why Are Advertisers using Prankvertising?

Advertisers are using prankvertising in a response to the digitally driven world we now live in. A world where news stories break on social media networks before they are broadcast on television and radio, a world where thousands of images are uploaded to the internet every minute, a world where wearable devices are replacing ever-day items of clothing and accessories, and a world where audiences have grown bored of traditional advertising strategies, accustomed to their purpose of encouraging them to part ways with their money.

Audiences are no longer deemed as fickle as they used to be. Gone are the days of flashing an ad on a television screen, and then sitting back and watching profits go through the roof. In regards to LG, even TVs are no longer advertised on one, instead the product has now become the prop and the internet has now become the broadcasting tool.

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