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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 27, 2012
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20,000 New Jobs Will Be Generated, According to Ministry of Labour

71% of companies surveyed recently by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MTSS) said it plans to hire staff in 2012. There are no age restrictions for young people, although they displayed a constraint for the recruitment of more than 50 years. The ministry presented on Wednesday 22 August, Survey Jobs, Recruitment and Training 2011-2012.

The survey was conducted between February and March among 978 companies presenting investment projects against Application of the Investment Law. 419 companies responded, representing 43%.

The presentation was made ​​at the Executive Tower, by the Minister of Labour and Social Security (MTSS), Eduardo Brenta National Employment Director, Eduardo Pereyra, and the unit responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of labor relations and employment MTSS, Alvaro Brunini.

The data show that 71 percent of companies expressed their willingness to hire workers in 2012, a percentage of 86% of their representatives said they hired staff in 2011 and have not completed 14% of the demand for labor by not finding suitably qualified workers.

"That is a first fact, the labor market demand for workers whose rating is not available in the market," said Minister Eduardo Brenta.

The survey found little restriction on hiring young people and simultaneously a strong constraint in hiring older workers to 50 years.

"We need to work on generating awareness that the worker has over 50 years experience that is very useful for companies and then direct our employment policies, especially the Employment Goal program, mainly towards that sector of the population reinserted having difficulties especially when you lose a job, "said the chief. however, warned that the unemployment rate among those over 50 years stands at 3.7%, just over half the average of all workers.

Estimated Brenta ministry expectations about creating jobs this year are placed in the order of 20 thousand jobs, estimating that would be supported by the survey data.

"We have to see if the demand profile matches the supply of skilled workers is one of the elements on which we are working, in this sense it is good to know that the campaign has started National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP ) a week ago and already has paid 5,000 people have enrolled in these courses that are free and that can acquire basic labor market access. "

In this regard, the Secretary of State emphasized that active policies are important that may be promoted by the Ministry of Labour and training institutes to take advantage of all existing labor demand.

"What is significant is that labor demand continues to grow despite the world is in economic crisis and that the Uruguay international has also had difficulties from the regional point of view," he said.

Moreover, regarding the labor situation, Brenta highlighted that increased employer contributions to Social Security Bank at around 4% and personal contributions by 11%, which shows that the country improves in quality jobs.

"This means new workers but also workers not contributing to social security and today we are doing. Perhaps the domestic service sector in which we are now in the vicinity of 58 000 households is one of the clearest examples. We had by 2005 less than 20 000 domestic workers in social security and today we have almost 60,000 ".

The document showed that 40% of companies in consultation sought internal staff (known, other employees, family, etc.), 30% through newspaper advertisements, just under 20% by human resources consultants and little more than 10% through the electronic stock exchange.

On the occupational categories that were generated vacancies, in 63% of cases the vacancies had arisen between skilled workers and 19% among vendors or service workers, accounting for a significant number of technical vacancies unskilled jobs.

Regarding salaries, wages shows that liquid vacancies is $ 12,600. Examples of vacancies and that companies have difficulty filling, there is a wide range: administrative, auxiliary tanks, drivers, cashiers, waiters, salesmen, clerks, assistant managers.

71% of companies said that in 2012 was to hire workers during the year, 22% said no and 6% did not answer or did not know at that time.

By occupational category, new hires would be made ​​first among unskilled workers, second among service workers and later between officers and operators, administrators, professionals and technicians, machine operators, skilled agriculture and fisheries sector.


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