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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 08, 2013
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Job Board For U.S. Furloughed Employees Launched Online

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The U.S. Government shutdown has left many workers with the burden of being out of a job, in a climate of uncertainty. About 800,000 found themselves on unpaid leave. To ease the situation, several companies joined forces to create an online job forum to help furloughed employees find at least a temporary job during the shutdown. went live on Thursday 3 of October, and the initiative started from several startup companies working out of business incubator offices.

Interestingly, the idea was turned into a reality in just 5 hours and the site was launched; furloughed federal workers and contractors had already begun working on temporary projects. Workers could simply post their profile and declare themselves available for work.

The job board features almost 40 gigs in everything from development and graphic design to policy analysis to blogging and writing. Companies looking for workers include 1776, the OpenGov Foundation, and local startups, and anyone can post jobs. Moreover, there is a directory of freelancers that enables furloughed employees list their skills and location.

It is important though to note that not all furloughed workers are eligible for registering. Federal workers should make sure that the ethics guidance for their individual agency allows them to engage in outside work.

The site’s developers reported that the site has experienced crashes twice due to the high demand. Despite this issue, the job hunting resource is just the latest measure taken by local businesses based in the U.S. capital to relieve the distress of the 800,000 furloughed federal workers and contribute to social progress.

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