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JOB SEARCH / JUN. 06, 2014
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Job Hopping: Do Employers Expect It?

Holding down a previous job for a long period of time is a quality that most employers expect from a candidate, right? Wrong. These days, job hopping is something that a majority of employers have come to expect from workers. The job market is currently recovering from a prolonged employment slump which forced lots of individuals to pursue temp or part-time job positions that did not offer permanent employment, hence, causing them to job hop.

The mere fact that employers have become accustomed to job hopping indicates a shift in attitude towards it. CareerBuilder recently conducted a survey that is representative of 3,022 private sector full-time workers from a diverse selection of companies that vary in size and industries. This survey also polled 2,138 human resources professionals/hiring managers as well.

Employers’ Expectations on Workers’ Job Hopping

According to the findings of the survey, 32% of employers stated that they expect workers to job hop, granted that this expectation amongst employers isn’t exactly wide-spread, the action of employing a job hopper is. 55% of employers stated that they have employed individuals who they perceived to be obvious job hoppers. These employers also divulged how long the job hopper they employed remained on the job:

  • 40% of employers surveyed said the job hopper stayed for two years.
  • 34% said the job hopper left within a short period of time.
  • 17% said the job hopper stayed for three years.

Other findings of this survey include some interesting insights into job hopping amongst new graduates, the results are as follows:

  • 27% of employers expect individuals who have recently graduated to only remain on the job once employed for 5+ years.
  • 45% of employers expected that when they hired individuals who had recently graduated, those individuals would only remain with the company for two years or less.

Job Hopping Occurs Across Numerous Sectors

Another key result of this survey shows that job hopping isn’t just occurring in particular job sectors, employers across numerous sectors expect workers to job hop:

  • 42% of Information Technology employers expect workers to job hop.
  • 32% of Manufacturing employers expect workers to job hop.
  • 41% of Leisure & Hospitality employers expect workers to job hop.
  • 36% of Retail employers expect workers to job hop.
  • 37% of Transportation employers expect workers to job hop.

More key results of this survey look at the correlation between job hopping and workers’ ages as well. According to the results of the study:

  • 41% of employers said they would be less tolerable of job hopping when a worker is aged 30-35 years-old.
  • 28% of employers think that job hopping becomes less acceptable when a worker is aged over 40 years-old.

This survey has shown that employers are becoming more tolerant of job hoppers, especially young job hoppers and recent graduates. There appears to be an emerging understanding of youth/graduate employment patterns and habits which reflects the much needed acceptance of younger workers’ and graduate’s job hopping ways.

Overall, employers do not perceive job hopping as a negative factor, self-employment and freelancing is on the rise, not to mention zero-hours contracts - it is not uncommon for candidates to have short-lived occupational backgrounds anymore. Employers that view job hopping not as a lack of occupational commitment, but just a product of today’s job market climate is reassuring for job hoppers everywhere.

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