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How to Job Hunt Without Using Social Media

Social media has become every job seekers go-to resource when it comes to networking and finding a job; but what if you don’t have a social media profile? How do you approach the job hunt if you do not want to have an online personal presence? Below we provide a guide on how to perform an effective and successful job hunt without the use of social media.

Ask around…

Typically, employers will inform their own employees first when a vacancy arises. This is usually to allow internal staff member to apply for a higher position or to obtain credible contacts from employees for the job.  Much of the time, vacancies are not even advertised because the position has been filled internally, or by  individuals who have been put forward by employees.

Due to this nature of recruitment, it is important that you are vigilant and are always on the look out for these types of ‘hidden jobs’.

How to find a hidden job?

  • Ask current colleagues and clients
  • Ask ex colleagues and clients
  • Speak with industry professionals and other experts in your field
  • Approach your University 
  • Speak with friends and family members
  • Ask former bosses if they know of any positions suitable for your skills

Online AND Offline

Job searching has changed somewhat and this is largely due to the introduction of e-recruitment. Not only has the internet made things easier for individuals to apply for jobs, but it has meant that job seekers are no longer restricted in terms of location or finances when it comes to interviewing with companies. 

Use the below mentioned online sources when job hunting:

  • recruitment websites 
  • online job board 
  • company websites 
  • employment forums 
  • government websites

The below mentioned offline sources are useful for job seekers: 

  • Local and national newspapers
  • Subscribe to industry journals
  • Read trade magazines
  • Read job boards in your local shopping mall or look for job adverts on public notice boards
  •  Attend career fairs or career events at their university
  •  Participate in industry events and seminars to broaden their network of useful contacts 

Networking remains vital

Networking is important for anyone looking for a new job or to progress within their desired industry, and whilst this is made somewhat easier with the use of social media, it can still be achieved without it!

Here are some useful tips on how to network without social media:

  • Join an organization related to your job type or industry of expertise
  • Attend industry events and seminars
  • Attend job fairs
  • Take up an internship
  • Sign up to a professional association
  • Participate in training programs 
  • Join a trade union

Although social media undeniably makes networking much easier on job seekers and recruiters alike, it is by no means the only way of approaching your job hunting. In fact, many employers prefer the more personably approach to networking as opposed to being contacted through their LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. 


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