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Job Post: Business Development Officer

The role of a business development officer is vast and encompasses a number of responsibilities - largely depending on the company’s requirements and purpose. Their primary goal is to develop new business ventures through strategic planning and effective communication to build business partnerships and relationships.

When hiring for a business development officer position, it is advised that employers clearly outline the specific responsibilities that the individual will carry out. This enables candidates to determine whether or not they have the said qualifications to be successful or not.

The following is a brief outline of a job post for a business development officer; it is advised that recruiters alter it according to their company’s specifications.

Job Title: Business Development Officer

Job Description:

The successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain and build current business relationship though mailing, signups, presentation and in-person communication with clients
  • Assist with business growth by contacting customers via phone and email
  • Create, promote and monitor business opportunities
  • Develop and implement strategies that meet the company standards and mission
  • Negotiate and close business deals with other businesses
  • Research and study business strategies that are adopted within the industry to ensure compliance
  • mprove the company’s overall reputation within the industry, and outside, for exploring opportunities that add value
  • Review potential business deals by researching and analyzing their position in the market prior to completion of the deal

Job Requirements:

  • X number of years of experience working within a similar role
  • Bachelors or equivalent in business or a related field


  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • ales oriented
  • Knowledge of marketing
  • Strategic thinking
  • High level of professionalism



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