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Job Post for a Sales Position

Sales is one of the most vivacious and challenging departments in a company. To work in sales, one must have a high level of confidence and the power to persuade people through their knowledge and experience. Sales people drive the revenue and profits of a company; therefore it is imperative for the growth that that hiring team makes the most profitable recruitment decision.

The first step in hiring a sales person is writing the job description and posting the vacancy on the most suitable jobs platform. The following is a detailed example of how to hire for a Sales Manager position in your company.

Job Title

The most important element of a job post is its title. This is the one thing that will draw the attention of a job seeker in a pool of search results on a job board. Keeping the above example in mind, the job title must have the words ‘Sales Manager’ in it, while it should further describe the position to ensure that only qualified people apply.

For a suitable candidate, the job title can be something like the following: Experienced Sales Manager

While this is quite specific, the level of the position within a managerial role will provide job seekers with further information. For example “Regional Sales Manager with Experience”

Job Description

Writing a job description is the most difficult part of posting a vacancy, however it is essential that you make the effort to write one. This is because jobs without a comprehensive job description are often classified as spam.

When writing the job description for a sales position, it is advised to use keywords to attract job seekers who are using the internet. The following are some important keywords to remember, and appropriately use in the job description:

·         Commission
·         Seasoned Sales Manager
·         High energy
·         Manage
·         Passionate
·         Motivate
·         Train
·         Team leader
·         Generate revenue
·         Decision maker


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