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How to Job Search using Google+

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn regularly make headlines within the recruitment industry for being effective job searching and candidate sourcing tools. However, Google Plus is oftentimes overlooked as a valuable job searching medium.

The Google+ social network boasts valuable features and networking opportunities that job seekers can take advantage of by signing up. 

Here are some of the best ways to use Google Plus to help with your job search…

Create a Google+ Account

  • Sign up to Google Plus and create an optimized profile.
  • Include industry buzz words and keywords you may be found for.

Make use of the Circles feature

  • You can add family, friends, professionals, companies and more, than then categorise then into specific ‘circles’
  • The circle feature allows you to target specific people with your updates and Google Plus uploads. For job searching, it is recommended you create a circle for industry professionals and then networking as much as you can with these people.

Use the +1 Feature

  • This feature allows you to follow companies you like.
  • By following companies, you can receive the latest news, updates and information from them.

Hangouts Feature

  • This innovative tool allows Google+ account holders to create job search clubs.
  • By creating job searching clubs, you can boost your networking and job searching activity significantly.

Interact and Engage

  • One of the most important rules of using Google+ as a job searching method is to engage and interact with relevant people.
  • You will come across many industry professionals and people who could potentially refer you to vacant jobs, and so it is important that you keep networking.
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