JOB SEARCH / DEC. 24, 2013
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Job Seekers Warned of the Dangers of Job Scams

Due to the recent economic downturn, a growing number of jobseekers are becoming victims of job scams, particularly those that are desperately seeking their first jobs. Scammers are probably one of the lowest form of life in the world. Given the desperate situation which many people find themselves in at the moment, can you imagine what kind of person exploits them? I know you are thinking of someone who shoots Bambi, his mother and then dances on their graves.

With so many people looking for employment, it has become easier than ever to fool unsuspecting job seekers into easily falling for job scams. Individuals throughout the world are being targeted via email, post or telephone calls from unsolicited sources stating that they are looking for people to employ for a prize, or large salary for very little work. It is not hard to see why so many people are being enticed by these 'jobs'.

A good example of someone who fell victim to these leeches is Christopher Sparta. Christopher signed up to an internet scam. He was using his own money with the promise that he would be paid back in full later. This led to him having his identity stolen and charges being made to his bank account. You can read the full account of his story here Chris Scam

The main point I am making here, is to be aware of job scams because they are out there and targeting people like you and I. To help you out, I have compiled a list of the top 10 job scams out there:

Top 10 job scams

  • The Envelope Stuffing scam 
  • The Promise of Employment with the Federal Government scam 
  • The Apply for Government Grants scam 
  • The Work from Home Assembling Crafts scam
  • The Rebate Processing Scam
  • The Online Search Scam
  • The Medical Billing Scam
  • The Pre-Screened lists of jobs Scam
  • The Mystery Shopper Scam
  • The Money Laundering Scam

All of these scams promise you the world (for a fee!) but you never get what you are promised.  

If you are stuck in a rut trying desperately to find a job, how can you stop yourself from getting caught by one of these vultures? Well it is actually deceptively easy. First of all, ignore or be extremely suspicious of any email from an unsolicited source. Secondly, if you do sign up for a job make sure you research the company thoroughly. If you are going to attend the interview then you should be doing your research anyway (that is if you have been listening to our advice ;)). Most importantly, if a job sounds too good to be true then it almost certainly. And if an employer asks you to deposit money from your account to theirs, it is almost certainly a scam. Alarm bells people, alarm bells.

When it comes down to it, just use your common sense. No real company is going to ask you for money to give you a job. They are the ones who are supposed to pay you! I’ll say it again Alarm bells, Alarm Bells.

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