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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 09, 2015
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Jobs For People Who Love Adrenaline Rushes

Adrenaline junkies live for the thrill. They are often more than ready to engage in whatever activity gets them high on adrenaline, be it sky walking, bike flipping, storm chasing or edge walking. As you wait for the office lift to take you down to ground floor or parking lot, there is someone who would rather jump off the building!

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If you are this person, I have good news for you. You no longer have to wait for the weekend to cure your thirst for an adrenaline rush. In fact, you can enjoy the rush every single day of the week, and get paid for it.  

So come with me, and learn more about the jobs that will push your adrenal glands into overdrive.

1. Snake Milker

For most people, the sight of a snake – even on television – is enough to send cold chills down their spine. I’m no snake expert, but I gather there are over 3,000 species of snakes hiding out on Earth. Woe unto you if you ever come across one on the loose. However, if you love to walk on the wild side, and you fancy working with reptiles, that could be an encounter to cherish. Better still, you could become a snake milker.

Every day, you will have the pleasure of picking up deadly black mambas, vipers, cobras and other venomous species, and massaging their venom glands to soothe them into releasing the venom. Never mind your hands that will only be a bite away from their deadly fangs! Although you will get used to the art of snake milking months into the job, once in a while a snake will pull a dangerous surprise, sending you into the ultimate adrenaline rush. To get this job, pursue a degree in herpetology (reptiles) and some courses in snake handling.

2. Bomb Disposal Expert

If it weren’t for adrenaline-aholics, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would have no choice but to rely on robots to evaluate and neutralize explosive devices. Fortunately, the number of people who are addicted to the stimulation and arousal of adrenaline is rising by the day.

Bomb disposal experts love the smell of bombs. They can smell them from miles away. For them, hanging around their stations or camps with no bomb to detonate is the dullest life can get. But wait until an emergency call is made that an unidentified item is in town. The rush automatically kicks in. The day can’t get any livelier. If you want to join this job where one false move can lead to a fatal outcome, you will need to start out as a law enforcement officer, and apply for bomb tech training after gaining around five years of experience.

3. Stock Broker

Wolf Of Wall Street

Adrenaline rushes don’t only reside in the great outdoors. If you are the office-type, 9am to 5pm person, you can also experience the thrill in the financial district of lower Manhattan, also known as Wall Street.

You don’t need to look beyond the Wolf of Wall Street (the movie) to know that young stock brokers experience an adrenaline rush more often than not. Remember Jordan making calls to unsuspecting stock buyers? That look on his face when the client is just about to give in is priceless. You could almost see a man who wants to explode out of his own body. Even in a real-life trading floor, brokers can feel the rush when they have to decide, in a split second, whether to commit millions of dollars to purchasing a risky stock. Aspiring stockbrokers must earn a degree in finance and acquire an occupational license to join the profession.

4. Astronaut

You have to wonder what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin– the first men to land on the moon – felt when Apollo 11 was about to dock on the surface of the moon. What if the surface was loose sand waiting to swallow anything that stepped on it? We got to give it to him, though. Hats off, Neil.

To be an astronaut, you must be an adrenaline junkie, no doubt. Although they usually cut calm and composed figures when marching to board a space-bound spacecraft, inside the rush is swelling up, waiting to reach an all-time high when the rocket starts to obtain thrust and takes off at high-speed. Although calm can be restored when the rocket reaches outer space, a slight emergency is enough to trigger another rush. Want to enjoy this experience? NASA and other space exploration agencies are always looking for science enthusiasts with a degree in engineering or physical sciences.

5. Underwater Photographer

Taking photos (from the safety of a tour van) of a speedy cheetah chasing an antelope in the African savanna is a breathtaking experience. However, photographing a 13-feet shark in the depths of the Indian Ocean or the Archipelago is a different ballgame. Unless you have adrenal glands the size of a golf ball, there is no way you can pursue a career as an underwater photographer.

Nonetheless, underwater photographers spend their professional lives in the risky waters, to bring us close-up images of sea creatures. Sometimes it does get dangerous down there because, well, sharks too are eager to sample a new diet. Although technologies have been devised to make underwater photography safe and less intrusive, it still takes a love for adrenaline to take a selfie with a shark. Besides having photography skills, taking classes in scuba diving will make you a well-rounded professional for this job.

6. Race Car Driver

Even though Lewis Hamilton, of the Mercedes Formula One racing team, makes race car driving look effortless, don’t be fooled. A search for an adrenaline rush keeps him, and every other race car driver, hit the race track and chase top speed. If those who watch racing competitions often feel the adrenaline, there is no telling what the sport does to the people behind the wheel.  So if you and Hamilton are cut from the same cloth, you could pursue a career as a professional race car driver. It is tough to break into F1, though a passion for cars and a desire to live for the moment can help you get there. It also helps to attend a high performance and sports car racing academy to learn the art.

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Of course, there are several other careers that can suit an adrenaline junkie like you. Fighter jet pilots, like bomb disposal experts, are of a similar kind. Firefighters have an irresistible urge to save lives and a ferocious appetite for an adrenaline rush to boot. High rise window washers defy the dangers that working at incredible heights brings to make sure the skyscrapers in town are clean, just like the offices inside. Although sky diving is quickly becoming a favorite weekend sport for anyone who can afford it, you still need to be a seeker of a big adrenaline rush to advance and become a professional instructor or competitor. Lastly, police officers are by default adrenaline lovers, ever looking for the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of danger, like giving criminals a chase.

Adrenaline junkies, what other jobs need to be included in the list? Keep the adrenaline flowing in the comments section below.

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