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Jobs of the Future – Infographic

With the ongoing technological evolution that inevitably occurs along with various social changes and trends, new jobs are expected to arise in the future to cater for new social, environmental, medical and human needs. If you are stuck in a dead-end job, you’d better wait a few years or decades until a bunch of new and amazing job opportunities arise in a range of fields. DegreeQuery’s infographic illustrates some of the most rewarding and popular jobs of the future.

All you have to do is to start preparing now and break into several unexplored areas that will soon invade our everyday lives.

Genetic Counselors and Child Designers

-  Genetic testing can be used to monitor diseases and disorders before a child is born.

-  In the future, genetics may be able to cure babies of genetic diseases.

-  Although controversial, parents will be able to choose features they want to see in their children through a process called inheritable genetic modification.

-  Child designers will design offspring that match parental requirements.

Robotics Technician

-  Robotics is increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life – and it is highly beneficial:

-  Robot cars for example can detect when drivers fall asleep at the wheel and decelerate if they don’t wake up.

-  Rescue robots can be used in different emergency cases, such as fires, explosions and natural disasters to record what is happening, search for survivors, send air analysis, temperature readings etc.

-   There are other types of robots such as military robots which aid soldiers in different operations, medical robots which assist in and perform medical procedures as well as domestic chores which carry out household chores.

Vertical Farmer

By the first half of this century, 4 in 5 people will live in urban areas and the global population is expected to increase by about 3 billion people. Vertical farming will become a trend and it will involve farming up - instead of out – in vertical buildings in which crops are grown on top of each other and fed artificial light.

Therapist, Counselor, researcher

Given the increasing usage of health drugs by American adults and the changing trends in mental health diagnosis and treatment, the role of therapists, counselor and researchers will become even more salient in the future.   

Check out this infographic to get a deeper understanding of key future jobs and how these will change our everyday lives…

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