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JOB SEARCH / JAN. 06, 2016
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Jobs Resulting From Marijuana Legalization

Drug policy has been a highly (ha! get it? high-ly) contested legal item. Throughout certain periods of history some drugs have been legal, then made illegal and then decriminalized again. I mean, most of our great-great-great grandparents could quell a cough with a cocaine cough syrup, calm their nerves with some opium tonic and kick back with a shot of Nitrous. Today, actually all of those concoctions are highly illegal, but marijuana has been recently legalized in many states across the U.S, even though it was more or less a black market product previously.

This is great news for people that like to get stoned and people in the need of a job, because if there is one thing, except the sales of Twinkies, that marijuana legalization has stimulated, it’s the job market. These are a few of the jobs that are a result of marijuana legalization.

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It’s Legal but it Still Needs Laws

Much like the horrifying intoxicant, alcohol, the legalization of marijuana sought to regulate its production a bit and make it a mode of revenue for the states it was legalized in. The law, not only had to regulate how marijuana was sold or distributed but also how it was grown. Beyond that, since marijuana was an illegal intoxicant up until the passing of Amendment 64 in 2014, the law had to be redrafted regarding its use: such as how much marijuana needs to be in your system to be considered too inebriated to drive, or what should be the legal age marijuana can be used? All of these items need to be reworked and approved by lawyers and civil servants that were hired to look specifically at marijuana legislature. So, even before your favorite Kush hit the shelves, it was already creating jobs for everyone.

Smoke It Up

The real reason you read this article is to read about jobs that are directly related to the Dank. So, first of all (and I apologize) let’s start with the numbers: in 2014 and 2015, Colorado state made an unbelievable $60 million dollars in tax revenue related to Mary Jane. You can breathe now, I’m done with the numbers (for now). So, let’s take a look at the jobs that get people high as a kite, and didn’t even exist before 2014 (well, at least not legally).


Although not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about marijuana consumption (puff, puff, pass) edibles are big business and it is grueling to penetrate the industry. The jobs are highly sought after because edibles creators are well compensated and their products make substantial amounts of money.

Concentrates Technician

A highly skilled and technical field, concentrates technicians create potent reductions of marijuana for use primarily in the medical marijuana industry and to a lesser extent for the production of edibles.

Paraphernalia Maker/Retailer

As I mentioned above, there is a multitude of methods to consume marijuana, the most popular is by inserting the dried plant material into a glass pipe, light it and smoke it. These pipes are not only highly sought after collectables for marijuana smokers, some of the higher end ones are pretty expensive to buy.


So, a strange caveat was born of the marijuana legalization, beyond the borderline illegal use of patchouli in a dense metropolitan area: although pot is state legal, federally, it’s still considered a controlled substance. So ,what’s the problem? Well, banks are federally regulated and as such can’t accept deposits from the sale of drugs, so here you have an industry that is forced to trade exclusively in cash because not only will banks not allow credit cards to be used, but they won’t take the revenue created from the sale of marijuana, either. So, what do you do when you have a shop kicking around 34-35.000 dollars in cash? Or when you have thousands of dollars of stock in the form of a drug that is still a street drug right outside state lines? Well, you hire security, of course!


Finally, the people that put the back-breaking work into making sure your bud is the dankest. Trimmers are like selection employees in fruit orchards that select and then trim to make the product retail worthy. The grower not only farms the product but in some cases, actually create hybrids that have more marketable characteristics such as: higher THC (active ingredient) content, bigger flowers or special taste.

Are there any other jobs that I left off my list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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