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Jobs That Allow You to Experience the World of Food and Drink

As humans, we eat not only for survival purposes, but to experience all that food and drink have to offer. Think about the most exciting and memorable times in your life; holidays, date nights, weddings, and all the other important events that come your way. These celebrations tend to involve the wonderful world of food and drink; it’s an element that celebrations bring.

Although we all eat on a regular basis, some individuals immerse themselves in food and drink. It’s such a large part of their lives that they have made a career out of their love and passion for food. If you’re someone who truly appreciates what food and drink have to offer, you may want to consider a career within the food and drink industry.

Experience Food and Drink Through These Incredible Careers

Whether you’re someone that loves to create, taste, or share, there’s a number of careers that allow your creativity and passion to shine through. Food and drink are meant to be enjoyed. If you are drawn to the elements of food and drink, take a look at these career options:

1. Chef


Photo credit: Adam Lerner 


When you think of food creations, chefs tend to come to mind. They’re the artists of the kitchen, bringing enjoyment to others through their edible art. Chefs need to have an excellent palate, allowing them to create dishes that bring unique flavours to those around them.

Chefs have a range of responsibilities and passions. Some are drawn towards vegetarian dishes, while others enjoy utilizing all that an animal has to offer. Some experiment with unique ingredients, while others enjoy more traditional, classical choices. Although one chef will highly differ from the next, there are common tasks that are completed throughout their day. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing and cooking meals to a required standard
  • Monitoring the production of food, ensuring both quantity and quality
  • Being conscious of stock control and inventory
  • Creating and updating menus
  • Meeting and maintaining financial budgets
  • Training other members of their team
  • Following health and safety guidelines

A chef will generally begin their career as a trainee, working their way up to an executive chef position. For those that are motivated and highly passionate, owning a restaurant of their own is the main goal.

There is no doubt that hours are long and exhausting. Many chefs dedicate their lives to food, spending day and night creating dishes for the world to enjoy. If you are a driven individual that loves to cook, becoming a chef is a great choice.


2. Technical Brewer

Photo credit: Amber Waves Rally


Brewing beer is an art form that is often overlooked by those who consume it. The craft beer scene is beginning to take off across the UK and the rest of the world. There are of course breweries that appeal to the masses, but my interest lies in the small breweries that create unique and thoughtful creations.

In order to brew beer, you need a passion for it. There’s more to brewing then yeast and water. Just as the sky is the limit for a chef, a brewer has endless possibilities. Whether you’re fond of a pumpkin spiced ale or a double hopped IPA, there’s a wonderful world of beer that is meant to be enjoyed by it’s consumers.

Just as chefs vary in terms of their day-to-day tasks, brewers also are unique in their responsibilities and duties. A technical brewer:

  • Tests, creates, and produces various beers
  • Maintains the quality of their beer by consistently checking the brewing conditions
  • Keeps records of the process
  • Builds and maintains a relationship with both their supplies and their customers
  • Explores various raw materials
  • Manages the packaging process
  • Leads a team

If you were to work for a larger brewery, you may be responsible for a singular part of the process. For example, you may be solely responsible for quality control. If you would like to be involved in all stages of the process, I suggest shooting for a career within a smaller brewery or microbrewery.

Although some home-brewers do not have any formal educational background, many brewers will gain qualifications relating to the brewing process. Contact some schools, seeing what they offer. Some possible degrees are; chemical engineering, microbiology, and food science.


3. Food Writer


Photo credit: itsmeritesh


Food writers focus on bringing the world of food and drink to the people. Food critics for instance will go eat at various locations and write about their personal experience. Eating and drinking for a living doesn’t sound like a bad gig at all.

Many writers will work for either magazines, websites, or freelance. They visit restaurants and bars around the globe. If you want to be a food writer, you can not be a picky eater. It’s all about pushing the envelope, bringing the newest and most unique flavours to the public. The food and drink industry is constantly evolving, and you need to be open to everything that it offers.

It’s important to understand culinary techniques and traditions so that you can effectively write about the dishes that you taste. Distinguishing flavours and ingredients used is a crucial skill that a food writer should possess.

Although a background in the culinary world is essential in my eyes, journalism tends to be the educational background that one achieves. Other food writers have simply developed their writing skills overtime, allowing them to explore the world of food and drink. Food writers are also commonly chefs or culinary students that are well educated about the food they taste.

If you think this may be the career for you, why not start your own personal food blog? As mentioned, you should understand food and drink before openly expressing your opinion to others regarding the quality and flavours of the dishes you try. Get out there and try new, exciting creations.


4. Food Stylist and Photographers


Photo credit: Guillaume Ferrari 


Think about the last time you flicked through a recipe book or magazine. You probably looked at dish and thought about how amazing it looked. This is due to the stylists and photographers that make a page come to life. As you know, we eat with our eyes first. If something looks appealing, we’re more likely to feel invited in terms of trying that dish.

Food stylists and photographers appreciate the beauty and attractiveness that food and drink offer. Food is meant to be enjoyed, and these individuals bring that level of excitement to the public. Some may be former chefs, while all tend to be foodies; respecting the artwork that food brings.

Once you have established a position for yourself, a day’s work can be highly rewarding. Not only can stylists and photographers make £500+ a day, they get to work around their passion and appreciation for the food created by the chefs around them. 


If you’re drawn to food and drink, start getting involved. Build your knowledge and understanding of what you’re consuming. Bring your level of appreciation to others, allowing them to enjoy your creations or learn from the content you share. Eat and drink your heart out.

Photo credit: Scandic Hotels 

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