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Jobs That Are Like Action Movies

You’re a rough and tumble type of person, you like your booze straight, your vehicles fast and your adrenaline always pumping. Unfortunately, being a 9 to 5 cubicle dweller isn’t your shtick, but you need money so what can you do? Well, rejoice, my risk-taking friend, there are jobs out there that demand you look death in the face and laugh at it while jumping out a plane with fireworks shooting out of your heels. You want a job that can kill you. Well; These are a few jobs that are basically action movies.

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Stunt Performer: Seen in Drive

stunt performer

So I’ll get the most obvious out of the way first, instead of doing exhaustive research into “what jobs make you jump out of flaming buildings” go straight to the source of flaming-house-jumping and become a stuntman. There are various preparation programs (most located on the West Coast of the United States close to Hollywood) and the job isn’t just like an action movie, it actually is one. Well, performing stunts in one to be precise, but let’s not get hung up on the semantics.

Mountaineer/Mountain Guide: Seen in Cliffhanger

You find oxygen overrated and the lack of falling to your death in everyday life boring. Well, do I have the perfect job for you my friend! Mountaineering or being a Mountain Guide will put you in constant danger of falling thousands of feet, down sharp rocky cliff sides and splatting on the ground like a viscera-filled water balloon!

For extra cool points, mountaineers and mountain guides of both genders are expected to grow long magnificent beards that catch frost for impressive photos that will most likely be published in National Geographic once you become an unrecognizable blood stain on the foothills of your favorite peak.

Gun for Hire: Seen in The Expendables

The problem with everyday life is that there aren’t enough bullets whizzing over your head, and the complete lack of tactical equipment makes you a little sad inside. Well, worry not my sociopathic friend because there is a job that offers both of those things with the added benefit of putting you in a hostile environment/war zone to boot.

Being a mercenary or a gun for hire, will give you the death-defying action that you so long for. It helps to have a background in the military or law-enforcement, but you can also enroll in one of the many (and slightly nefarious) mercenary schools/programs around the world such as Global Dynamics, Triple Canopy and G4S. The best part about training is that you run the risk of dying a horrible death even before you officially have a job! But, if you survive you will become the most feared and loathed type of military personnel in the world!

Fire Fighter: Seen in Ladder 49


You love running into fires and hitting flaming inanimate objects with an axe, well add the sex-appeal of a fire-proof suit to the mix and you are a dead-shot for firefighting. Not only does this job promise falling through weakened structures, death by smoke inhalation and breaking windows to charge into flaming buildings, but it also has the potential to make you a hero, covering up that nasty messiah complex you have.

Honorable Mention: Survivalist/Guide: Seen in The Revenant and Into the Wild

Who needs creature comforts when you can drudge through the wilderness while eating potentially poisonous berries and (unsuccessfully) fighting bears with your bare hands? On top of that, you’ll be able to sleep in a tent, braving the elements and use firearms or in lieu of them sharp sticks!

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Are there any other jobs that you think deserve to be on this list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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