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Jobs That Offer Good Work-Life Balance [Infographic]

The modern worker is struggling to deal with the pressure of having to balance family responsibilities and work. The limited amount of free time they have is spent taking care of their family and running errands. This means that they don’t get enough time for themselves. In fact, as this infographic from Fitness Mentors shows, 9 out of 10 Americans say that they would like to have more flexibility in their jobs.

The line between work and life gets even more blurred when employers require workers to be available 24/7. Even when they are not working, some employees are required to be on-call and reachable by email or phone in case they are needed. This problem is only exacerbated by the advances in mobile technology that make working from home easier and as such interfere with workers personal lives more and more.

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If you want to strike a good work life balance in the digital age, then you need to be very careful about the career that you choose. You need to need to consider numerous factors such as hours per week, how fun a job is, the pay, growth potential, flexibility and how stressful a job is. A few careers that are considered to have a great work life balance are SEO Specialist, Lifeguard, Data Scientist, Dental Hygienist and Holywood Stuntman.  

If you are struggling with meeting life demands, check out the infographic above to see how you can obtain more flexibility and an improved work-life balance.


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