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Jobs that Provide Child Care for Employees

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Child Care Aware of America, in its 2013 study, reveals that child care breakdown was responsible for tardiness, reduced concentration at the workplace as well as absenteeism recorded among 29 percent of American employees who are parents. The report is an indictment of the huge impact of the high costs of child care on parents. In 2012, parents forked eight times more than the previous year on child care, in addition to spending a lot of time taking children to day cares. Luckily, your job hunting process may bring you into contact with employers who provide child care for employees.

Colleges or high school careers

Working in a college or high school institutions could open you up to child care services courtesy of your employer. Such educational institutions often have child care classes that consist of practical lessons with real children, who may be kids of students or employees. You could take your child to these classes knowing that they are safe in the hands of child care students who are determined to turn in excellent performances and earn good grades from their examiners who are themselves experienced child-care providers.

Health practitioners

If you are a health practitioner in Kentucky, New Jersey, South Florida, Arkansas, Massachusetts and Ohio, then you can enjoy on-site child care services varying from $400 to $800 monthly for every child. Since February 2011, allied health care experts, support facility maintenance staff, administrative staff and clinicians are entitled to child care services; a scheme which consists of numerous health care providers. Some of the participating healthcare institutions under this plan include Meridian Health (New Jersey), Baptist Health (South Florida), Bright Horizons Family Solutions (Massachusetts), Ohio Health (Columbus) and King’s Daughter Medical Center (Ashland, Kentucky).

Gym administrator or trainer

Many fitness centers have child care centers for members where the latter’s children can play while their parents engage in fitness activities. If your workplace rules allow, you could bring your child to the gym and leave him with other children while you go about your duties. This allows you to concentrate on your work fully in the knowledge that your child is safely in your vicinity and you can keep a close eye on him. This job also provides you with access to a cheaper mode of child care.

Day care teacher

What better job to obtain free or cheap child care services than that of a day care teacher itself? Many day care centers provide free tuition to children of their employees and you might just land at one such center. It offers you a chance to always remain close to your child and monitor all his facets of development. Chances are – though – that you will be handling a different class from that of your child to avoid favoritism. Securing a job at any day care center will require a CPR certification and child care education.

Quitting work to stay at home with your child seems a viable option if bogged down by the tussle between child care and work. However, the solution could be as simple as looking for a job that offers child care services to its employees. Many companies have realized the need to nurture that child-parent connection among their workers to increase their motivation and reduce absenteeism; you are indeed spoilt for choice.

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