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Jobs to Look Out For in 2015

So 2014 wasn’t a phenomenally good year for the job market. Unemployment rates stayed stable at 5.8% which granted is better than it increasing, but that still leaves millions of people out of gainful employment. Although many experts expect stable growth of the job market in 2015, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Below are a few professions that are forecasted to do well this fresh New Year and keep people employed, happy and healthy (or at least health insured).

Marketing Positions

Look, this is pretty self-evident: to sell what you got for sale you need people to know about it. Also, they need to know how uncool they will be if they don’t have the most recent $300 iHeadband that tracks your head movement and tells you if your dancing to the beat. Marketing does exactly that, telling people they look cool in headbands. OK, OK my marketing manager just came over and smacked me, marketing drives sales through advertisement, Happy now Pete?!

App developer

The writing is on the wall, the tweet, and the filtered pic. Smart devices are everywhere and every few weeks we have a new entry that is overpriced and under-functioning. In order to embrace these half-a**ed technologies, companies are constantly striving to offer the easiest, most attractive and most accessible client/ consumer interface or delivery system for their products or services. That’s where you come in you sexy beast.


It seems that this has been a trending profession for the better part of the decade. The reason for it is pretty straight forward, we have an aging population on our hands and those people are in need of healthcare. So next time you see a sweet old lady shuffle by you on a walker you can loudly proclaim “Cha-Ching!”

Web Developer

Everything’s online now, you’re the person that puts it online, enough said.

Sales Manager

So once the Marketers set up the sales your responsibility is to guide a team to make the trade. This person is the leader of an elite team of sales snipers, with a single-mindedness on closing the deal. You will be a Sargent of the Sales, a Deputy of Deals. Or you’ll just yell at people to get back on the phones.

Healthcare and Medical Managers

Just like I mentioned above our population is getting older and as these baby boomers age, they’ll be an increased demand for healthcare. Do you think these facilities are going to run themselves? No, they are not, and that’s why the demand for Healthcare Managers is increasing. This is also a great alternative if you want to work in healthcare industry but don’t want to deal with bodily fluids and other gross stuff.


A large part of the United States population is already freelancing. By 2020, it is estimated that a 40% of the population will be freelancing. There are many reasons for this, chief amongst them is the ease in communication between people due to this magical thing called the internet. You should look into it I hear it’s the next big thing. The added benefit of freelancing is that you can start and end your workday in nothing but your skivvies. If that’s not a perk, I don’t know what is.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a career path? Are you already employed in one of the aforementioned fields? Then let us know in the comment section below!

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