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Jobs Which Can Make You Feel like you are on Homeland!

Who hasn’t watched a spy movie or TV show and wished that they were Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer. What female fan of Homeland, has never secretly wanted to be CIA agent Carrie Mathison?

Let’s face it, the idea of being a spy is exciting. For most of us, though, it is a pie in the sky dream. Becoming a spy was once a very secretive process; the candidates were picked based on either who they knew or based on their exceptional ability. Now, the process is much simpler, with many of the intelligence agencies actively recruiting graduates from University and online. If you truly wish to feel like you are a spy on Homeland and feel that the life of a spy is for you, then here are a few jobs to help you achieve this.

Cyber Intelligence Jobs

Even though the USA’s National Security Agency has been getting a lot of bad press lately for spying on what appears to be nearly everyone; it is certainly a way into the intelligence world. The NSA conducts most the USA’s cyber intelligence and pretty much anything to do with technology. Due to the nature of their work, they require a lot of very talented science graduates. As such they actually offer an undergraduate scholarship program for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students. This pays for their education, and provides them with a job at the end of their degree. How cool is that, you get to hack for the government, and they pay your way through college!

If you are not American then perhaps you could work for the British government. The new National Crime Agency, known as the, ‘British FBI’, is actively recruiting civilian employees. What they are looking for are so called ‘Ethical Hackers’. The best recruiting ground for hackers tends to be the civilian sector, so this is probably a very wise step. It also means that if you have hacking skills, and feel like working as a spy then the British government ‘Wants You’.

More of a James Bond type?

If you don’t fancy working with computers then maybe the CIA, MI6, or MI5 are more up your street. The CIA is the only agency here to have what you could term a ‘super assassin’ unit, which is known as the Special Activities Division. However, they only recruit the cream of the crop from other Special Forces units. If you just wish to be a spy you can always get a scholarship to join the National Clandestine Service; you would still be a case officer just like Carrie Mathison.

Again, if you're not American, the Brits can apply to be an ‘Operations Officer,’ in either MI5 or MI6, which is essentially the same thing as a case officer. MI5 is in charge of internal intelligence and MI6 is in charge of foreign intelligence. MI6 is the one that James Bond works for! You can now apply for both of these agencies online and they go around Universities recruiting. In fact MI6 is consistently voted one of the best graduate employers in the UK.

So there it is, a range of different jobs and employers that can make you a world class spy (if you have talent and ambition). Although be warned, none of these jobs are easy to get as they only pick talented graduates. However, it is certainly easier to get a job that makes you feel like you are in your favourite spy TV show Homeland than it ever has been before!


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